Palermaa defeats Ahokas in all-Finnish affair to win 6th QubicaAMF Open


    2012 European Bowling Tour #6

    Dutch Nicole Sanders wins Women's Ranking in Ljubljana, Slovenia

    2012EBT06OskuPalermaa2.jpgThree-time PBA champion Osku Palermaa (pictured left) captured his 12th career European Bowling Tour title when he defeated compatriot Jarmo Ahokas, 214-196, to win the 6th QubicaAMF Open 2012 at Gladiator Arena in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

    The four time EBT point ranking leader (2007-09, 2011), who finished third in the QubicaAMF Open in the past years, led the 117-player field in qualifying to earn a 1.000 bonus and two byes for the finals.

    He led the third and the fourth round of the finals averaging over 232 for eight games to easily take the No. 1 seed for the four-player stepladder finals.

    I2012EBT04ThomasLarsen.jpg2012EBT06MattiasOlsson.jpgn the opening match, third-seeded Thomas Larsen (left) of Denmark eliminated Swede Mattias Olsson (right), 213-205, before he fell to Ahokas in the semifinal, 191-185.

    Palermaa received the 6.000 Euro top prize and 100 ranking points, which propelled him into third place in the current EBT men's point ranking. Ahokas earned 3.000 Euro for second place, while Larsen and Olsson garnered 2.000 and 1.800 Euro for third and fourth place, respectively.

    Three of only 12 women, who participated in the QubicaAMF Open, survived the qualifying. Bianca Wiekeraad, Netherlands, was eliminated in the first round of the finals. Her compatriot Nicole Sanders (below right) advanced to the third round and defeated Ivonne Gross of Austria by nine pins, 812 to 809, to finish in 15th with Gross in 16th en route to win the women's ranking in Ljubljana.

    2012EBT04NicoleSanders.jpgIt was the seventh EBT ranking title since 2007 for the Dutch national team member, who has won a women's ranking in each of the last six seasons.

    2012QAMFOpenLogo_small.jpg The 6th QubicaAMF Open 2012 is the sixth stop of the 2012 European Bowling Tour and the second out of eight EBT "Silver" tournaments this season. The tournament will be held from April 17-22 at 28-lane bowling center Gladiator Arena in Ljubljana, Slovenia and offers total prize fund of 43.300 Euro with 6.000 Euro going to the winner, 3.000 Euro to the runner-up and 2.000 and 1.800 Euro to the third and fourth place finisher, respectively.

    Qualifying of the sixth QubicaAMF Open ran from Tuesday April 17 through Saturday, April 21. Women receive eight pins handicap each game.

    A total of 40 players qualified for the finals on Sunday, April 22, including the top 30 players from the overall qualifying standings, the top six players from the combined standings of the first three days (Squads 1-6; Tuesday through Thursday) which are not among the top 30 plus the top 4 players from the Desperado Squad. The top 10 qualifiers receive two byes, while qualifiers 11-20 bypass the first round of the finals.

    Each of the four rounds in the finals consists of four games. The field will be trimmed to 30, 20, 10 and then four players. Rounds 1, 2 and 3 start from scratch. The pinfall total from Round 3 will be carried forward into Round 4. In a change for 2012, only the top 4 players based on the highest eight-game total will advance to the stepladder final.

    The one-game playoffs begin Sunday at 5.30 p.m. In the opening match, the No. 4 seed meets No. 3 with the winner taking on No. 2. The winner of that match bowls the top-seeded player for the title, the 6.000 Euro top prize and 100 ranking points.

    2012EBTLogo_small.jpg The 2012 European Bowling Tour is made up of 21 events in 16 countries including two Platinum, four Gold, eight Silver and seven Satellite tournaments.

    The top 50 men and the top 50 women in each event earn ranking points based on how they finish in the event. The winner of a Platinum tournament receives 250 ranking points, the winner of a Gold tournament gets 150, the winner of a Silver tournament such as the QubicaAMF Open earns 100, and the winner of a Satellite tournament gets 50 ranking points.

    Those points will be tabulated throughout the season to determine the top 16 men and top 16 women who will compete in the sixth EBT Masters in Bratislava, Slovakia in Sept. 2013.

    The European Bowling Tour will be in Munich, Germany, next week for the 3rd Track Dream-Bowl Palace Open April 25-29 at Dream Bowl Palace in Munich, Germany. Following April 30 and May 1 at the same venue will be the 5th EBT Masters featuring the top 16 men and women of the 2011 EBT season.


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    6th QubicaAMF Open 2012

    Gladiator Arena in Ljubljana, Slovenia (April 17-22, 2012)

    Championship Round:
    1. Osku Palermaa, Finland, 214 (1 game), 6.000 Euro
    2. Jarmo Ahokas, Finland, 387 (2 games), 3.000 Euro
    3. Thomas Larsen, Denmark, 398 (2 games), 2.000 Euro
    4. Mattias Olsson, Sweden, 205 (1 game), 1.800 Euro

    Playoff Results:
    First Match: No. 3 Larsen def. No. 4 Olsson, 213-205
    Second Match: No. 2 Ahokas def. Larsen, 191-185
    Championship Match: No. 1 Palermaa def. Ahokas, 214-196.


    Places 5-40 (Cashers)

    5. Alexander Medveditskov, Russia, 1.250 Euro
    6. Carsten Warming Hansen, Denmark, 1.250 Euro
    7. Mikael Kanold, Sweden, 1.250 Euro
    8. Daniel Vezis, Latvia, 1.250 Euro
    9. Dennis Eklund, Sweden, 1.250 Euro
    10. Karl Wahlgren, Sweden, 1.250 Euro
    11. Ben Fishler, Israel, 1.000 Euro
    12. Peter Ljung, Sweden, 1.000 Euro
    13. Marco-Cesare Parapini, Italy, 1.000 Euro
    14. Brian Voss, United States, 1.000 Euro
    15. Nicole Sanders, Netherlands, 1.000 Euro
    16. Ivonne Gross, Austria, 1.000 Euro
    17. Frederik √ėhrgaard, Denmark, 1.000 Euro
    18. Thomas Gross, Austria, 1.000 Euro
    19. Michael Loos, Austria, 1.000 Euro
    20. AnŇĺe Grabrijan, Slovenia, 1.000 Euro
    21. Christian Karlsson, Slovenia, 700 Euro
    22. Paul Stott Jr. Ireland, 700 Euro
    23. James Gruffman, Sweden, 700 Euro
    24. Steffen Andrea, Denmark, 700 Euro
    25. Roman F√ľrbacher, Austria, 700 Euro
    26. Kim Bolleby, Sweden, 700 Euro
    27. Nicola Galeone, Italy, 700 Euro
    28. Kert Truus, Estonia, 700 Euro
    29. Dirk Völkel, Germany, 700 Euro
    30. Martin Snelting, Netherlands, 700 Euro
    31. Erik Andersin, Sweden, 500 Euro
    32. JoŇ°ko Hlede, Slovenia, 500 Euro
    33. Alexander Fischer, Germany, 500 Euro
    34. Bianca Wiekeraad, Netherlands, 500 Euro
    35. Nino Stenko, Slovenia, 500 Euro
    36. Andrea Fogar, Italy, 500 Euro
    37. Rainer Pichl, Germany, 500 Euro
    38. Zolt√°n Skobrics, Hungary, 500 Euro
    39. Pat Nolan, United States, 500 Euro
    40. Bojan Kovac, Slovenia, 500 Euro


    Final Round Four Results

    The top 4 advance to the stepladder finals.


    Final Round Three Results

    The top 10 advance to the fourth round. The pinfall will be carried forward.


    Final Round Two Results

    The top 10 advance; meet the top 10 qualifiers in the third round.


    Final Round One Results

    The top 10 advance; meet Qualifiers 11-20 in the second round.