Bowling on the rise in Italy under Tenpin Association President Sattanino




    Italy has not fared well at international bowling competitions in recent years, but that is about to change under the leadership of Italy's new Tenpin Bowling Association President, Alessandro Sattanino (on the right).

    Sattanino, a university professor and an avid bowler himself, recently invited USBC Director of International Relations Bill Hoffman (center), USBC Gold coach Frank Buffa (left), and PBA Hall of Famer Del Ballard Jr. (second from the left) to exchange ideas on how to grow the sport of bowling in Italy.

    "President Sattanino impressed us with his commitment to stimulate the growth of bowling in Italy," said Hoffman. "Italian bowlers are lucky to have such a person in charge and representing their Federation. And with the level of dedication the new leadership has towards their members, there is no doubt that the Italian Federation will help bowling grow throughout all of Europe."

    20091222USBCItalyCoaching2.jpgBallard and Buffa (pictured right with one of the students) worked with 20 youth bowlers from around the nation of Italy during their stay, offering hands-on coaching as well as the use of Bowlers Map software. They soon discovered that Italy is home to one of the most passionate groups of youth bowlers in the world.

    "They were waiting for us with open arms and you could see in their eyes that they were ready to learn and take in as much information as possible," Buffa said. "We were in the bowling center on a Sunday and the place was packed with 10-to 15-year-old bowlers. Obviously, the sport of bowling is thriving in Italy."

    20091222USBCItalyCoaching1.jpgPresident Sattanino's commitment to the growth of bowling in his country and beyond culminated in a 26-minute-long television program devoted exclusively to the experience Italian Youth bowlers had with Ballard and Buffa.

    President Sattanino brings a technological savvy to his position that enables coaches and fans to keep track of their students' progress through Facebook and YouTube.

    "I hope that everyone will give President Sattanino their support and work together in the next few years," Hoffman said. "If they do, I am positive that bowling will grow and get the recognition it deserves throughout Italy."