Wu Siu Hong, Shannon Pluhowsky win men's and women's title in AMF Australian Masters



    Originally published Oct. 23, 2011

    2011AUSMWuSiuHong.jpg2011AUSMShannonPluhowsky.jpgHong Kong's Wu Siu Hong (pictured left) and Shannon Pluhowsky (right), United States, captured the men's and women's titles in the AMF Australian Masters Saturday at AMF Bowling Rooty Hill RSL in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

    Siu Hong, who led the 160-player men's field after qualifying swept Mike Fagan, United States, in best-of-three games format, two-games-to-none, to earn the men's title and the 25,000 Australian Dollars top prize (approx. USD25,673). The two-time Asian rankling champion won the first game, 226-207 and sealed the victory with a 259-243 win in game two.

    In the semifinals, Two-time PBA champion Fagan (below left) edged defending PBA Player of the Year and World Bowling Tour point ranking winner Mika Koivuniemi, Finland, in a strike fest, 2-1 (255-262, 266-246, 268-247).

    201011PBAMikeFagan.jpg2011AUSMSandraAndersson.jpgSiu Hong eliminated four-time PBA champion Sean Rash, United States, 2-1, including a 290-266 win in the deciding third game. Fagan received $12,500 for second place while Koivuniemi and Rash got $5,000 each for third and fourth place, respectively.

    All seven matches in the women's division were decided in two games. Pluhowsky, who has won four gold medals in the Women's World Championships in Hong Kong last month, rolled games of 236 and 210 in the women's title match to fly past Sweden's Sandra Andersson, who had back-to-back 181 games. Pluhowsky received 15,000 Australian Dollars for the victory (approx. USD15,404).

    In the semis, Andersson made quick work of top seeded Lexi Nicoll, NSW, behind games of 215-193 and 244-201. Pluhowsky had easily defeated Jacinta Gilliland, QLD, 216-177 and 222-158.

    Andersson took home $7,500 for second place while Nicoll and Gilliland pocketed $3.000 each for third and fourth place, respectively.


    AMF Australian Masters 2011 - Women's & Men's Finals with Interviews



    2011AUSMastersLogo3.jpg The AMF Australian Masters is the 8th and last stop of the 2011 World Bowling Tour. The tournament will be held from Monday Oct. 10 through Saturday Oct. 22, 2011 at AMF Bowling Rooty Hill RSL in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

    The tournament offers total prize fund of 112,400 Australian Dollar or approx. USD116,000 with $25,000 and $15,000 going to the men's and women's champion, respectively. Applicable taxes will be withheld from prize-funds paid to non-resident entrants.

    2010AUSMastersJordanRodgersAMFLyndaBarnes.jpg2010AUSMastersJordanRodgersAMFSamCooley.jpg In the 2010 AMF Australian Masters, Lynda Barnes, United States and Sam Cooley, New South Wales, claimed the women's and men's title.

    Barnes (pictured left) defeated compatriot and fellow Team USA member, Wendy Macpherson, in the women's title match in best-of-five format, three-games-to-one to win the $15,000 women's top prize.

    On the men's side, top seeded Sam Cooley (pictured right) topped defending champion Paul Trotter in an all-Australian affair in the deciding fifth game, 237-234, to win the title and the $25,000 men's top prize.

    WBTLogo.jpg The 2011 World Bowling Tour consists of 8 tour stops in seven countries - Finland, France, Kuwait, Korea, Thailand, Australia and United States (2). The top 50 men and the top 50 women in each event earn ranking points (from 50 points for the winner to 1 point for 50th place).

    Those points will be tabulated throughout the season to determine the top three men and top three women who will be invited to compete in the World Bowling Tour Finals presented by the Professional Bowlers Association.

    The WBT Finals are scheduled to take place at the PBA's World Series of Bowling in November and will feature a total prize fund of $40,000. The event will be aired nationally in the United States.

    The top three men and top three women will bowl a stepladder finals format in their respective divisions. The prize money for each division is the same, with the winner taking $10,000, second place earning $6,000 and third place winning $4,000.

    2011AUSMastersLogo_small.jpg Qualifying of the 2011 AMF Australian Masters was over six games, using the two highest three-game series in singles or doubles attempts bowled during the 2011 Adult National Championships until completion of the 12.00pm squad on Friday 21st October.

    A total of 40 men and 40 women advanced to the finals. The defending champion and the State representatives could not be eliminated from qualifying.

    The top 4 in each division received two byes to Round 3 while bowlers seeded positions 5 through 16 received one bye to Round 2. Bowlers filling qualifying positions 17 through 40 competed in Round 1. No pinfall was carry over in any of the final rounds.

    Bowlers seeded 17th to 40th bowled 6 games scratch to cut to the top 12 bowlers who joined bowlers seeded positions 5 through 16 in Round 2. These 24 bowlers then played 6 games scratch. The top 12 bowlers on total pinfall met the top 4 qualifiers in Round 3.

    These 16 bowlers played 6 games scratch. The top 8 bowlers on total pinfall determined the champion in single-elimination best-of-three games match play. The field was cut to four and then two players who bowled for the titles and the $25,000 and $15,000 top prizes, respectively. The winners will also get free entry into the 2012 event.


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    Men's Division - Top 40 (Cashers)

    Players with position, Country/State and Earnings (Australian Dollar)

    1. Wu Siu Hong, Hong Kong, $25,000
    2. Mike Fagan, United States, $12,500
    3. Mika Koivuniemi, Finland, $5,000
    4. Sean Rash, United States, $5,000
    5. Dan MacLelland, Canada, $2,500
    6. Jason Walsh, Australia (NSW), $2,500
    7. Christian Purdue, Australia (NSW), $2,500
    8. Jason Belmonte, Australia (NSW), $2,500
    9. Sam Cooley, Australia (NSW), $800
    10. Michael Little, Australia (NSW), $800
    11. Tommy Jones, United States, $800
    12. Osku Palermaa, Finland, $800
    13. Michael Tsang, Hong Kong, $800
    14. Robert Smith, United States, $800
    15. George Frilingos, Australia (QLD), $800
    16. Scott Richards, Australia (NT), $800
    17. Ross Brown, Australia (NSW), $300
    18. Dion Alexander, Australia (SA), $300
    19. Glen Loader, Australia (NSW), $300
    20. Keryn Delaney, Australia (SA), $300
    21. Michael Mak, Hong Kong, $300
    22. Nathan Jenner, Australia (NSW), $300
    23. Chris Castle, Australia (VIC), $300
    24. Craig Rem, Australia (NSW), $300
    25. Jason Waters, New Zealand, $300
    26. Brandon Qualischefski, Australia (QLD), $300
    27. Matthew Krinis, Australia (SA), $300
    28. Joshua Alvisse, Australia (VIC), $300
    29. Chris Kirwin, Australia (NT), $200
    30. Paeng Nepomuceno, Philippines, $200
    31. Eric Tseng, Hong Kong, $200
    32. Paul Terry, Australia (WA), $200
    33. Bruno Maglieri, Australia (NT), $200
    34. Kevin McRae, Australia (VIC), $200
    35. Craig Nevatt, New Zealand, $200
    36. Morty Douglass, Australia (QLD), $200
    37. Ashley Riley, Australia (TAS), $200
    38. Rob Townsend, Australia (ACT), $200
    39. Chris Batson, Australia (NSW), $200
    40. Tyson Jones, Australia (QLD), $200


    Women's Division - Top 40 (Cashers)

    Players with position, Country/State and Earnings (Australian Dollar)

    1. Shannon Pluhowsky, United States, $15000
    2. Sandra Andersson, Sweden, $7500
    3. Lexi Nicoll, Australia (NSW), $3000
    4. Jacinta Gilliland, Australia (QLD), $3000
    5. Emma Walsh, Australia (NSW), $1200
    6. Bec Voukolos, Australia (NT), $1200
    7. Sharon Rigney, Australia (NSW), $1200
    8. Rebecca Whiting, Australia (VIC), $1200
    9. Louise Ingoe, Australia (SA), $400
    10. Dena Buxton, Australia (VIC), $400
    11. Julie Hird, Australia (NSW), $400
    12. Carol Gianotti, Australia (WA), $400
    13. Rachelle Flynn, Australia (VIC), $400
    14. Michaela Oehler, Singapore, $400
    15. Ann Maree Putney, Australia (NSW), $400
    16. Megan Kelly, United States, $400
    17. Fiona Cluff, Australia (QLD), $300
    18. Sara Rash, United States, $300
    19. Bri-Anne Butler, Australia (NSW), $300
    20. Narelle Baker, Australia (VIC), $300
    21. Emily Robertson, Australia (VIC), $300
    22. Amy Farrell, Australia (VIC), $300
    23. Bianca Flanagan, Australia (NSW), $300
    24. Nat Shelley, Australia (NT), $300
    25. Rochelle Mottlee, Australia (QLD), $300
    26. Leanne Nastasi, Australia (QLD), $300
    27. Nicole Williams, Australia (WA), $300
    28. Marissa Schulze, Australia (QLD), $300
    29. Rebekah Meads, Australia (QLD), $200
    30. Sarah Young, New Zraland, $200
    31. Natarsha Vella, Australia (VIC), $200
    32. Jessica Ryan, Australia (NSW), $200
    33. Jenny Notman, Australia (VIC), $200
    34. Julieanne Mollett, New Zraland, $200
    35. Clare Stephens, Australia (ACT), $200
    36. Chloe Harradine-Hale, Australia (ACT), $200
    37. Alicia Garioch, Australia (VIC), $200
    38. Sam Day-Johnston, Australia (NT), $200
    39. Caylah Williams, Australia (WA), $200
    40. Julie Price, Australia (NSW), $200


    Men's Division - Single-Elimination Finals

    Best-of-three games; bracket system.


    Women's Division - Single-Elimination Finals

    Best-of-three games; bracket system.


    Men's Division - Final Round Three

    The top 8 advance to the single-elimination finals. Places 9-16 eliminated, earn $400.


    Women's Division - Final Round Three

    The top 8 advance to the single-elimination finals. Places 9-16 eliminated, earn $400.