Kegel launches new Pinsetter Parts Division


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    2012KegelPinsetterPartsLogo.jpg Kegel has announced the creation of its new division and product line, Kegel Pinsetter Parts, to be launched in spring 2012.

    Kegel may be known for lane maintenance, but their mission has always been to provide solutions for the bowling industry. Founded by master pinsetter mechanics and continuing to employ many mechanics as sales and technical staff, Kegel has decided to return to their roots, the pinsetter.

    After examining the current operation of the A2 and GS pinsetters, Kegel staff began to believe that there were many opportunities to create time and money saving solutions. In the past seven months Kegel has created a team of elite pinsetter mechanics to assist them with R&D and future technical support.

    They have also invested in a new facility dedicated to pinsetter part production, a state of the art machine shop, and a staff of highly skilled machinists.

    The first example of their work will be a catalog of 40 common replacement parts for the A2 pinsetters. Each and every part in this catalog will have been modified or improved from its original design.

    Whether through simple improvements, use of completely new materials, or radical re-design of the way the machine operates, Kegel has committed to making everything it offers significantly better.

    Kegel is targeting the launch of this new product line for spring 2012.