Brian Voss wins his third career EBT title in the International Wroclaw Open by Hammer


    2012 European Bowling Tour #2

    PBA Hall of Famer wins three consecutive matches to claim the 4.250 Euro top prize

    2012EBT02BrianVossDanielVezis.jpg2012EBT02JouniHelminen.jpgPBA Hall of Famer Brian Voss (pictured with Daniel Vezis, left), United States, won three consecutive matches en route to win his third career European Bowling Tour in the sixth International Wroclaw Open by Hammer Sunday evening at bowling center Galeria Rozrywki Miraz in Wroclaw, Poland.

    Voss, who owns 25 PBA titles and was voted PBA Player of the Year 1988, was the No. 3 seed and averaged 238.50 in the four-player stepladder finals.

    In the opening match, Voss topped former European champion and long-time Finnish national team member Jouni Helminen (right), 236-206, to meet qualifying leader and No. 2 seed, Mikael Kanold (below left), in the semifinal.

    2011EBT04MikaelKanold.jpg2012EBT02DanielVezis5-7-10.jpgIn a high-scoring affair, Voss eliminated the Swedish international, 265-234, to bowl top seeded Daniel Vezis (right) for the title with the two-game total determining the winner.

    Voss and the two-handed Latvian, who was targeting his first EBT title, were deadlocked after the first game, 207-207. Voss wrapped up his third career EBT title after the Barcelona International (2005) and the Catalonia Open (2011) with a 246-222 win in game two.

    Voss earned the 4.250 Euro first place check. Vezis took home 2.750 Euro while Kanold and Helminen pocketed 2.100 Euro and 1.800 Euro for third and fourth place, respectively.

    Four women survived the qualifying cut to the top 40 and advanced to the finals on Sunday, Feb. 12. All four were eliminated in the first round. Maja Debenec, Slovenia, missed the cut to the top 20 by 22 pins to finish in 22nd place and to win the EBT women's ranking in Wroclaw.

    The third stop of the 2012 European Bowling Tour, the Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament 2012 got underway today at Dolfijn Bowling Tilburg in Tilburg, Netherlands, and runs through Sunday, Feb. 19.

    2011IWOLogo.jpg The 6th International Wroclaw Open by Hammer (IWO) was the second stop of the 2012 European Bowling Tour and the first of seven EBT "Satellite" events this season. The tournament was held from Monday, Feb. 6 through Sunday, Feb. 12, 2012 at bowling center Galeria Rozrywki Miraz, a 10-laner in Wroclaw, Poland.

    Participants in the IWO competed for total prize money of 26.000 Euro with 4.250 Euro going to the winner, 2.750 Euro to the runner-up and 2.100 and 1.800 Euro to third and fourth place finishers, respectively.

    Qualifying (6 games, unlimited re-entries) ran through Saturday, Feb. 11, and ended with Squad 18 slated for 8.30 p.m. CET on Saturday night. Women received 8 pins handicap each game, a standard for women on the European Bowling Tour.

    The tournament was contested on a 39-feet "Kegel Challenge Series - MIDDLE ROAD" lane conditioning pattern (pdf file) with 22.72ml volume oil total.

    The top 40 players from the qualifying advanced to the finals on Sunday Feb. 12 with the qualifying pinfall being carried forward. The top 40 bowled four games with the top 20 advancing to the second round.

    Those 20 bowled another four games to cut to the top 8 who advanced to round robin match play. The top 4 players after seven match play games (20 pins bonus per win, 10 for a tie, 5 pins bonus for each game between 250 and 300) advanced to the stepladder finals.

    Stepladder matches one and two were decided in one game, while the championship match featured two games decided by total pinfall. The No. 4 seed bowled the No. 3 seed, the winner took on the No. 2 seed and the winner of that semifinal match earned the right to bowl the No. 1 seed for the title.

    2012EBTLogo_small.jpg The 2012 European Bowling Tour consists of 22 tour stops in 17 countries including two Platinum, five Gold, eight Silver and seven Satellite tournaments.

    The top 50 men and the top 50 women in each event receive ranking points. The winner of a Platinum tournament receives 250 ranking points, the winner of a Gold tournament gets 150, the winner of a Silver tournament earns 100, and the winner of a Satellite tournament such as the Wroclaw Open gets 50 ranking points.

    The top 16 men and the top 16 women at the end of the 2012 season qualify for the sixth EBT Masters to be held Sept. 23rd, 2013 at BNC Bowling Center in Bratislava, Slovakia.


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    2012 European Bowling Tour Schedule


    6th International Wroclaw Open by Hammer

    Galeria Rozrywki Miraz in Wroclaw, Poland (Feb. 6-12, 2012)

    2012EBT02Top3.jpgChampionship Round:
    1. Brian Voss, United States, 954 (4 games), 4.250 Euro
    2. Daniel Vezis, Latvia, 429 (2 games), 2.750 Euro
    3. Mikael Kanold, Sweden, 234 (1 game), 2.100 Euro
    4. Jouni Helminen, Finland, 206 (1 game), 1.800 Euro

    L-R Vezis (2nd), champion Voss and Kanold (3rd). Photos Janosz Bartosz.

    Playoff Results:
    Match 1: #3 Voss def. #4 Helminen, 236-206
    Match 2: Voss def. #2 Kanold, 265-234
    Championship: Voss (207, 246) def. #1 Vezis (207, 222), 453-429.

    2012 European Bowling Tour Rankings by Bowlingdigital - Current Standings
    2012 EBT Women's Ranking
    2012 EBT Men's Ranking


    Cashers (places 5-40)

    5. Paul Stott Jr. Ireland, 1.300 Euro
    6. Ian Robinson, Sweden, 1.200 Euro
    7. Marek Talpa, Czech Republic, 1.100 Euro
    8. Emil Polanisz, Poland, 1.000 Euro
    9. Alessandro Silletti, Poland, 750 Euro
    10. Matthew Lochhead, England, 750 Euro
    11. Oron Cohen, Israel, 350 Euro
    12. Łukasz Zjawiony, Poland, 350 Euro
    13. Patryk Preus, Poland, 350 Euro
    14. Ben Fishler, Israel, 350 Euro
    15. Simon Wildenhayn, Germany, 350 Euro
    16. Greg Vanderpijpen, Belgium, 350 Euro
    17. Anže Grabrijan, Slovenia, 350 Euro
    18. Jiří Hindrák, Czech Republic, 350 Euro
    19. Nati Volpert, Israel, 350 Euro
    20. Dawid Kantyka, Poland, 350 Euro
    21. Krzysztof Olesiński, Poland, 300 Euro
    22. Maja Debenec, Slovenia, 300 Euro
    23. Falco Gutsche, Germany, 300 Euro
    24. Vytautas Gykis, Lithuania, 300 Euro
    25. Steffen Gerischer, Germany, 300 Euro
    26. Rihard Vrenčur, Slovenia, 300 Euro
    27. Lucyna Charęzińska, Poland, 300 Euro
    28. Daria Pająk, Poland, 300 Euro
    29. Dusan Lajovic, Slovenia, 300 Euro
    30. David Vítek, Czech Republic, 300 Euro
    31. Przemysław Antuszewicz, Poland, 250 Euro
    32. Andrzej Linke, Poland, 250 Euro
    33. Adam Martin, Poland, 250 Euro
    34. Adam Błaszczak, Poland, 250 Euro
    35. Paweł Bielski, Poland, 250 Euro
    36. Bartosz Bryłkowski, Poland, 250 Euro
    37. Marius Piticariu, Romania, 250 Euro
    38. Bettina Lund, Denmark, 250 Euro
    39. Tomasz Janicki, Poland, 250 Euro
    40. Jacek Skorupa, Poland, 250 Euro


    Final Round Three (Round Robin Match Play)

    The top 4 advance to the Stepladder Final.



    Final Round Two

    The top 8 advance to Round Robin Match Play.



    Final Round One

    The top 20 advance to the second round.