Doug Dukes joins Kegel's Technical Support Team


    Industry News

    2012KegelTSDougDukes.jpg Kegel has announced that Doug Dukes has joined the Technical Support Team as a Technical Sales Specialist on April 23, 2012 and will be performing Tech support duties from his home in Delaware.

    He will also spend much of his time traveling to assist distributors with sales, installations, and general service as well as representing Kegel at tournaments, seminars, and tradeshows worldwide.

    "It has been a dream and a goal to join the Kegel staff, and I am proud to be a part of an exciting future ahead," Dukes shares.

    Dukes has been in the bowling industry since 1998 and has worked as pro shop owner and operator before moving onto the mechanical side of the business. From there, he took on a management role and has run his local bowling center for the last 10 years.

    As a member of the Mechanics Guild, Dukes also has the opportunity to share his extensive knowledge of pinsetter mechanics through this educationally focused organization.

    His technical qualifications include a Brunswick Pinsetter Mechanic Certificate as well as a Level II Kegel Lane Technician Certification.

    In addition to his technical background and abilities, Dukes has spent the past four weeks in an intensive training program at the Kegel Headquarters in Lake Wales, FL. There, he had the opportunity to work hands on in Kegel's manufacturing, main assembly, quality control, and technical support departments.

    Dukes also has a passion for the sport of bowling as he coached the University of Maryland Eastern Shore Women's bowling team. Over 8 years, he helped the school earn 4 national titles and 4 Conference Championships.

    John Thrift, Technical Support Manager says "I am so excited to have someone join our team who is so well rounded with lane maintenance, pinsetter mechanics, and coaching. What he has accomplished in the industry and on his own shows the passion and motivation that makes him a perfect fit for Kegel."