Industry veteran Mike Quitter to retire from Ebonite International


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    2012MikeQuitterEbonite2.jpg Mike Quitter (pictured), Vice President International, has announced his retirement as of August 31 from Ebonite International.

    Quitter has been in the bowling industry for 42 years, and at Ebonite International for 25+ of those years. During his tenure, the company's international business has grown, and the overall profitability of this portion of the business has been among Quitter's proudest accomplishments.

    2007EBT18DennisEklundMikeQuitter.jpgThe success of the company's international business was demonstrated by Ebonite International's ability to acquire and improve brands such as Robby's, Hammer, Columbia 300 and Track.

    When asked about his plans for the future, Quitter was quick to say that he plans to focus on his family. "After forty years of traveling the world, I think it's time to stay home for a bit," explained Quitter.

    Pictured right is Mike Quitter with winner Dennis Eklund of Sweden at the award ceremonies of the 2007 Columbia 300 Vienna Open, one of his favorite tournaments world wide.

    "I've had the opportunity to visit so many interesting places in my career, that I just can't imagine going anywhere else. My wife and I may spend winter on a beach somewhere, but otherwise, the only traveling I'll be doing is to visit my daughters and grand daughter."

    2012BobReidEbonite.jpg Quitter adds that the thing he'll miss the most will be the relationships he's built over the years. He's determined to do everything he can to make sure those relationships are nurtured after his retirement.

    Following Quitter's departure, Robert Reid (left), Vice President Marketing, who has been responsible for Domestic Sales and Marketing for 14 years, is being named Vice President of Worldwide Sales, and will be responsible for global sales of all seven of Ebonite International brands. The global sales team will now report to Reid, along with several internal positions.

    "Mike and I are headed out on a world-wide tour," said Reid. "We're going to personally visit many of our distributors, and he will have the opportunity to say goodbye while introducing me to our valued partners and clients. Mike has done a great job over the years of building those relationships and I look forward to continuing them."

    "I am really excited about the opportunity to streamline our strategic global sales initiatives," added Reid. "We are in a global business, and our customers are important to us, no matter where they are. Our team is going to do a great job of making sure they know that."

    Ebonite International also plans to expand the marketing team by adding a yet-to-be-named Vice President of Marketing. A search is underway for a candidate to fill this important role. The company hopes to have the new position filled by September, in coordination with Quitter's departure. All Brand Managers and Marketing Services employees will report to the new Vice President.

    EboniteCEORandySchickert.jpg "Mike has been the pillar of our International business for years, and he will be missed," said CEO Randy Schickert (right). "We're fortunate to have someone like Bob Reid, who will be able to step into that position flawlessly."

    Schickert is also excited about the opportunity to grow the company's current market leadership through an enhanced marketing focus.

    "Our purpose is to bring focus and strength to our Sales and Marketing efforts," added Schickert. "There are so many new tools that can help us grow efficiently, including interactive and social media. The staffing changes we are making allow us to put more emphasis on those efforts on a global basis."