Konieczny defeats Pöppler in all-German affair to win his first EBT title in BNC Open


    2012 European Bowling Tour #13

    BNC Bowling Center in Bratislava, Slovakia (Sept. 3-9, 2012)


    The title match of the European Bowling Tour's BNC Open was an all-German affair in which No. 5 seed Bodo Konieczny (pictured left) topped fellow German national team member Birgit Pöppler (right), seeded second, in a two-game match, 436-373.

    Konieczny, bronze medalist in Doubles at the 2010 Men's World Championships, held a comfortable 46-pin lead after game one (211-165) and wrapped up the title with six-bagger at the end of game two (225-192).

    Koniezny received 6.000 Euro for his first career victory on the Tour. Pöppler finished second, worth 3.300 Euro, and won the women's ranking in Bratislava, also a first in her career.

    A total of 64 players survived the qualifying and advanced to the finals Sunday, Sept. 9, at BNC Bowling Center in Bratislava, Slovakia. In four three-game rounds the field was trimmed to eight players, who determined the champion in single-elimination match play finals. All matches consisted of two games, with the total pinfall to determine the winner.

    2012EBT13ThomasGross.jpg2012EBT04DenisEklund2.jpgPöppler, who received eight pins women's handicap each game, eliminated No. 7 Robert Andersson, Sweden, in the quarterfinals, 413-386, and sidelined No. 3 Thomas Gross (left) of Austria in the semifinal 437-356.

    Koniezny ousted two of Europe's finest on his way to the title match. In his first match, Koniezny rolled back-to-back 237 games to defeat No. 4 Martin Larsen of Sweden, 474-406, the topped Larsen compatriot and No. 1 seed, Dennis Eklund (right), 428-397.

    Eklund and Gross received 1.800 Euro each for third and fourth place. The European Bowling Tour is in Russia next week for the Russian Open, which will be held from Sept. 11-15 at Cosmik Belay Dacha in Moscow.


    2012BNCOpenLogo_small.jpg The BNC Open was the sixth of seven EBT "Silver" tournaments this season and ran from Sept. 3-9 at 16-lane BNC Bowling Center. The BNC Open offered total prize fund of 42.000 Euro with 6.000 Euro going to the winner, 3.300 to the runner-up and 1.800 Euro a piece for the third and fourth place finishers.

    The BNC Open was played on the 39 feet Winding Road pattern from the Kegel Navigation Patterns Sport Series. Click here for the Kegel Lane Map Guide.

    Qualifying (6 games, unlimited re-entries) ran from Monday through Saturday. Women received 8 pins handicap each game, a standard on the European Bowling Tour.

    A total of 64 players advanced to the finals on Sunday, Sept. 9: The top 48 players from the overall qualifying standings, plus the top 4 each from a separate leaderboard of the Squads on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, who were not among the top 48. The last four spots went to the top 4 of the single-game Desperado Squad.

    The top 16 qualifiers earned two byes, while players seeded 17-32 bypass the first round of the finals. The remaining 32 players bowled 3 games starting from scratch with the top 16 advancing to the second round.

    The second and third round was played in the same format. The remaining 16 players, who advanced to the fourth round, carried forward the pinfall total from Round 3 and bowled another three-game block to cut to the top 8 for the single-elimination match play finals.

    Match play consisted of two games, with the total pinfall to determine the winner. In all rounds the highest seeded player met the lowest seeded player, the second highest met the second lowest etc.

    The field was trimmed to four then two players who bowled for the title and the 6.000 Euro top prize.

    2012EBTLogo_small.jpg The 2012 European Bowling Tour is made up of 20 events in 16 countries including two Platinum, four Gold, seven Silver and seven Satellite tournaments.

    The top 50 men and the top 50 women in each event earn ranking points based on how they finish in the event. The winner of a Platinum tournament receives 250 ranking points, the winner of a Gold tournament gets 150, the winner of a Silver tournament such as the BNC Open earns 100, and the winner of a Satellite tournament gets 50 ranking points.

    Those points will be tabulated throughout the season to determine the top 16 men and top 16 women who will compete in the sixth EBT Masters, which will be held Sept. 30, 2013 at BNC Bowling Center in Bratislava immediately following the 2013 BNC Open (Sept. 23-29).


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    BNC Open Final Standings - Places 1-64 (cashers)

     1. Bodo Konieczny, Germany, 6.000 Euro
    2. Birgit Pöppler, Germany, 3.300 Euro
    3. Dennis Eklund, Sweden, 1.800 Euro
    4. Thomas Gross, Austria, 1.800 Euro
    L-R Pöppler, Konieczny, Eklund and Gross. Click on the image to enlarge it.

    5. Martin Larsen, Sweden, 1.200 Euro
    6. Zoltán Skobrics, Hungary, 1.200 Euro
    7. Robert Andersson, Sweden, 1.200 Euro
    8. Osku Palermaa, Finland, 1.200 Euro
    9. Thomas Larsen, Denmark, 700 Euro
    10. Perttu Jussila, Finland, 700 Euro
    11. Heidi Thorstensen, Norway, 700 Euro
    12. Mattias Nilsson, Sweden, 700 Euro
    13. Joakim Wahlgren, Sweden, 700 Euro
    14. Dominic Barrett, England, 700 Euro
    15. Petri Keituri, Finland, 700 Euro
    16. Rene Landl, Austria, 700 Euro
    17. Gianny Hendrickx, Belgium, 500 Euro
    18. Alexander Medveditskov, Russia, 500 Euro
    19. Karl Wahlgren, Sweden, 500 Euro
    20. Cameron Weier, United States, 500 Euro
    21. Jaroslav Lorenc, Czech Republic, 500 Euro
    22. Linas Sasnauskas, Lithuania, 500 Euro
    23. Sandra Andersson, Sweden, 500 Euro
    24. Giorgos Stefanidis, Greece, 500 Euro
    25. Božo Nagode, Slovenia, 500 Euro
    26. Giannis Stathatos, Greece, 500 Euro
    27. Ryan Press, Northern Ireland, 500 Euro
    28. Marek Talpa, Czech Republic, 500 Euro
    29. Marina Stefanova, Bulgaria, 500 Euro
    30. Bettina Lund, Netherlands, 500 Euro
    31. Nicole Sanders, Netherlands, 500 Euro
    32. Martin Orálek, Czech Republic, 500 Euro
    33. Erik De Bel, Netherlands, 400 Euro
    34. Sami Lampo, Finland, 400 Euro
    35. Evangelos Tsorbatzoudis, Greece, 400 Euro
    36. Paul Moor, England, 400 Euro
    37. Jan Koráb, Czech Republic, 400 Euro
    38. Lukáš Andrassy, Slovakia, 400 Euro
    39. Cheska Tomas, Netherlands, 400 Euro
    40. Daniel Vezis, England, 400 Euro
    41. Benjamin Kubalek, Austria, 400 Euro
    42. Christian Schwarzbauer, Austria, 400 Euro
    43. Roman Fürbacher, Austria, 400 Euro
    44. Ivonne Gross, Austria, 400 Euro
    45. Michal Marval, Czech Republic, 400 Euro
    46. Dirk Völkel, Germany, 400 Euro
    47. Paula van Hemert, Netherlands, 400 Euro
    48. Johan Österholm, Sweden, 400 Euro
    49. Omer Nechushtan, Israel, 250 Euro
    50. Josefine Linderoth, Sweden, 250 Euro
    51. Klaus-Uwe Lischka, Germany, 250 Euro
    52. Petr Žváček, Czech Republic, 250 Euro
    53. Gergely Kapronczay, Hungary, 250 Euro
    54. Jiří Hindrák, Czech Republic, 250 Euro
    55. Nino Stenko, Slovenia, 250 Euro
    56. Tali Itzhak, Israel, 250 Euro
    57. Jan Macek, Czech Republic, 250 Euro
    58. Tanner Spacey, United States, 250 Euro
    59. Rene Bigall, Germany, 250 Euro
    60. Christopher Sloan, Ireland, 250 Euro
    61. Andreas Pittesser, Austria, 250 Euro
    62. Kamil Bajcsi, Slovakia, 250 Euro
    63. Alexander Fischer, Germany, 250 Euro
    64. Milan Černý, Slovakia, 250 Euro


    Single-Elimination Match Play Finals

    Match play consists of two games, with the total pinfall to determine the winner.



    Final Round Four

    The top 16 of Round Three bowl three games with the pinfall from Round Three being carried forward. The top 8 advance to single-elimination match play. Places 9-16 eliminated, earn 700 Euro.



    Final Round Three

    Qualifiers 1-16 and the top 16 of Round Two bowl three games from scratch. The top 16 advance to the fourth round. Places 17-32 eliminated, earn 500 Euro.



    Final Round Two

    Qualifiers 17-32 and the top 16 of Round One bowl three games from scratch. The top 16 advance to the third round. Places 17-32 eliminated, finish 33rd through 48th, earn 400 Euro.



    Final Round One

    Qualifiers 33-64 bowl three games from scratch. The top 16 advance to the second round. Places 17-32 eliminated, finish 49th through 64th, earn 250 Euro.