Martin Paulsson wins his first EBT title in Florence International in Italy


    2012 European Bowling Tour #18

    Defeats fellow Swede Jesper Larsen in the title match by three pins; Norway's Heidi Thorstensen wins the women's ranking

    2012EBT18MartinPaulsson.jpg2012EBT18JesperLarsen.jpgWorld Champion Martin Paulsson (left) of Sweden defeated fellow countryman Jesper Larsen (right) in the title match of the 1st Florence International by three pins, 206-203, to claim his first European Bowling Tour title worth 5.500 Euro and 50 ranking points.

    After finishing qualifying in third place, Paulsson bypassed the first three rounds of the finals including the match play round of 24. Paulsson, who teamed with Mathias Årup to win the Doubles gold medal in the 2010 Men's World Championships in Munich, Germany, ousted Konstantin Matvienko of Russia in the round of 16, 457-398 and Stavros Parasakis of Greece in the round of 8, 422-406.

    Larsen was seeded 10th in the Round of 24 after finishing qualifying in 10th place. He eliminated Diego Biolghini of Italy, 409-323, women's ranking winner Heidi Thorstensen of Norway, 447-434 and Marek Talpa of the Czech Republic, 404-403, to advance to the semifinals.

    2012EBT18DanielVezis.jpg2012EBT18SamuliTiainen.jpgThe semifinals and final were decided in single-game matches. Paulsson defeated No. 7 Samuli Tiainen (left) of Finland, 213-204, while Larsen edged No. 2 seed, Daniel Vezis (right) of England by three pins, 211-208, to set up an all-Swedish title match.

    It was the fifth victory for a Swede on the European Bowling Tour this season. Only U.S. bowlers have won one more title.

    Larsen received 2.800 Euro for second place while Vezis and Tiainen pocketed 1.100 Euro apiece for third and fourth place.

    2012FlorenceInternationalLogo.jpg The Florence International was the 18th and penultimate event of the 2012 European Bowling Tour and the last of seven EBT "Satellite" tournaments this season. Players competed for total prize fund of 29.960 Euro with 5.500 € going to the winner while the runner-up receives 2.800 €.

    The qualifying of the Florence International ran from Saturday, Nov. 3 through Saturday, Nov. 10. Women received 8 pins handicap each game, a standard on the European Bowling Tour.

    A total of 50 players qualified for the finals on Sunday, Nov. 11:
    • the top 38 players from the overall qualifying standings
    • four players each from the leader boards of Nov. 3-4 squads and Nov. 5-7 squads
    • and the top 4 of the one-game Desperado Squad

    The top 8 qualifiers received three byes, players in 9th to 16th place earned two byes and places 17 to 30 bypassed the first round of the finals. The remaining 20 players bowled four games scratch with the top 10 meeting qualifiers 17-30 in Round 2. The top 8 advanced to the first round of single-elimination match play.

    In each round the highest seeded player meet the lowest seeded player, the second highest player bowled the second lowest player etc. The round of 24, 16 and 8 matches were two-games, total pins format. The semifinal and the championship match were decided in one game.

    2012EBTLogo_small.jpg The 2012 European Bowling Tour is made up of 19 events in 16 countries including two Platinum, four Gold, six Silver and seven Satellite tournaments.

    The top 50 men and the top 50 women in each event earn ranking points based on how they finish in the event. The winner of a Platinum tournament receives 250 ranking points, the winner of a Gold tournament gets 150, the winner of a Silver tournament earns 100, and the winner of a Satellite tournament such as the Florence International gets 50 ranking points.

    Those points will be tabulated throughout the season to determine the top 16 men and top 16 women who will compete in the sixth EBT Masters in Bratislava, Slovakia in Sept. 2013.

    The 2013 European Bowling Tour concludes with the "EBT Platinum" Qatar Bowling Open, which will be held from Dec. 9-15 at the Qatar Bowling Center in Doha, Qatar. The tournament is also the second stop of the 2012-13 World Bowling Tour.


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    2012 EBT Ranking - Women and Men


    2012 Florence International

    Crazy Bowling in Florence, Italy (Nov. 3-11, 2012)

    Championship Round (two-games, total pins format)
    1. Martin Paulsson, Sweden, 5.500 Euro
    2. Jesper Larsen, Sweden, 2.800 Euro
    3. Daniel Vezis, England, 1.100 Euro
    4. Samuli Tiainen, Finland, 1.100 Euro

    Playoff Results:
    Semifinal Match 1: No. 10 Larsen def. No. 2 Vezis, 211-208
    Semifinal Match 2: No. 3 Paulsson def. No. 7 Tiainen, 213-204
    Championship: Paulsson def. Larsen, 206-203.


    Final Standings - Places 5-50 (Cashers)

    5. Marek Talpa, Czech Republic, 760 Euro
    6. Saverio Tuccimei, Italy, 760 Euro
    7. Stavros Parasakis, Greece, 760 Euro
    8. Mike Quarry, England, 760 Euro
    9. Amedeo Spada, Italy, 560 Euro
    10. Joakim Wahlgren, Sweden, 560 Euro
    11. Heidi Thorstensen, Norway, 560 Euro
    12. Paul Moor, England, 560 Euro
    13. Mattias Nilsson, Sweden, 560 Euro
    14. Alessandro Delcarmine, Italy, 560 Euro
    15. Konstantin Matvienko, Russia, 560 Euro
    16. Tommaso Radi, Italy, 560 Euro
    17. Daniel Fransson, Sweden, 460 Euro
    18. Mikko Hirvonen, Finland, 460 Euro
    19. Timothy Andreason, Sweden, 460 Euro
    20. Tomas Lind, Sweden, 460 Euro
    21. Federico Rossi, Italy, 460 Euro
    22. Anže Grabrijan, Slovenia, 460 Euro
    23. Josefine Linderoth, Sweden, 460 Euro
    24. Diego Biolghini, Italy, 460 Euro
    25. Maurizio Celli, Italy, 360 Euro
    26. Stamatis Roros, Greece, 360 Euro
    27. Jenny Wegner, Sweden, 360 Euro
    28. Paul Stott, Ireland, 360 Euro
    29. Vagelis Krizinis, Greece, 360 Euro
    30. Bettina Lund, Denmark, 360 Euro
    31. Graziano Pachera, Italy, 360 Euro
    32. Vytautas Gykis, Lithuania, 360 Euro
    33. Alexandr Panchenko, Kazakhstan, 360 Euro
    34. Lisanne Breeschoten, Netherlands, 360 Euro
    35. Jo Allsebrook, England, 360 Euro
    36. Jesse Kallio, Finland, 360 Euro
    37. Giuseppe Tonno, Italy, 360 Euro
    38. Ida Andersson, Sweden, 360 Euro
    39. Cheska Tomas, Netherlands, 360 Euro
    40. Gennaro Varchetta, Italy, 360 Euro
    41. Roel Mol, Netherlands, 250 Euro
    42. Giorgio Magni, Italy, 250 Euro
    43. Gianpiero Coppola, Italy, 250 Euro
    44. Simone Ranieri, Italy, 250 Euro
    45. Renato Bortolon, Italy, 250 Euro
    46. Bianca Wiekeraad, Netherlands, 250 Euro
    47. Carlo Ieva, Italy, 250 Euro
    48. Giuseppe Frascati, Italy, 250 Euro
    49. Massimo Dell'Amico, Italy, 250 Euro
    50. Stefano Oddi, Italy, 250 Euro


    2012 Florence International - Quarterfinals

    Single-elimination match play; two-games, total pins format. Winners advance, losers eliminated, finish 5th to 8th, earn 760 Euro.


    2012 Florence International - Round of 16

    Single-elimination match play; two-games, total pins format. Winners advance, losers eliminated, finish 9th to 16th, earn 560 Euro.


    2012 Florence International - Round of 24

    Single-elimination match play; two-games, total pins format. Winners advance, losers eliminated, finish 17th to 24th, earn 460 Euro.


    2012 Florence International - Final Round Two

    The top 8 advance to match play (seeded 17th to 24th)


    2012 Florence International - Final Round One

    The top 10 advance to the second round