World Tenpin Bowling Association partners with USBC to study new specifications


    USBC Equipment Specifications


    In an effort to determine new lines of specifications at the sport of bowling's elite level, the United States Bowling Congress will join with the World Tenpin Bowling Association to look at factors that influence scoring.

    "Many of our sport's leaders believe it is critical to look more closely at how equipment and conditions influence scoring," WTBA President Kevin Dornberger said.

    "We need to consider if there is justification for additional classifications for equipment or conditions for use by federations at the elite level. This is an important topic to explore in an objective and scientific way, which is why we are joining with USBC in this study."

    A background study and hypothesis testing will begin immediately, with lab and field testing beginning next year. The studies will be followed by recommendations to be implemented and tested at world events in 2014. A preliminary report will be presented to the WTBA Congress in August 2013, while a final recommendation will be presented in August 2015.

    "We will be looking at what factors influence scoring and at what point those factors change dramatically," USBC Managing Director of National Governing Body Neil Stremmel said.

    "The study will factor in bowling ball specifications but will not be limited to that. It is important to note that the focus of the research will be aspects that influence competition at the elite level and that we do not anticipate the results impacting basic USBC rules."

    Stremmel said the study also will include looking at other aspects of scoring, including pins, lane conditioners and lane patterns.