"International Art of Bowling" launches The Circle membership



    IABMasterYourCraftLogo.jpg The International Art of Bowling (IAB), which was established in August 2010 by USBC Gold coach Ron Hoppe and USBC Silver coaches, Jason Belmonte and Diandra Asbaty, has announced today the launch of The Circle membership, a special membership tier that offers added benefits and features to the most dedicated members of the IAB community.

    The trio boasts more than 80 years of bowling and coaching experience that includes success at the youth, collegiate, international and professional levels. IAB promises a one-of-a-kind bowling experience focusing on the artistic representation of fundamentals, lane play, equipment, and versatility.

    Since the focus of the IAB team is to reach bowlers on a personal level and work with them one-on-one, even from a distance, the basic features that have helped thousands of bowlers improve their games will continue to be available, but members of The Circle will have access to even more personal attention through the following features:

    • Personalized training, tips and practice plans (a new one each month)
    • Bi-weekly live chat with the IAB coaches
    • Free Frame-by-Frame video analysis with every six months of membership
    • Active forums where members can ask questions and participate in discussions
    • Special webinars with some of the best players and coaches in the world
    • Equipment analysis and an opportunity to ask any equipment-related questions to an expert

    2012AUSMastersJasonBelmonteDiandraAsbaty.jpg"We've been able to help so many bowlers all over the world through our Bowler's Bootcamps and our website, and now we want to provide our members with exclusive access to us and the opportunity to communicate and learn from each other," said IAB's Diandra Asbaty (pictured with Jason Belmonte).

    "We've come such a long way in the last couple of years, and we're really excited about reaching another great IAB milestone with the addition of The Circle."

    What makes the IAB unique is that the team incorporates personal experiences into each lesson, and stories of the each coach's triumphs and disappointments help them relate to Bowler's Bootcamp participants and website visitors.

    For more information about the International Art of Bowling and The Circle, click here.


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