Thomas Larsen wins his third EBT title in Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament


    2013 European Bowling Tour #2

    Birgit Pöppler of Germany wins Women's Ranking in Tilburg

    2013EBT01ThomasLarsen2.jpg2013EBT02JoshuaSchuurman.jpgThomas Larsen (pictured left) of Denmark toppled 469 pins in the finals of the Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament 2013 en route to win his third title on the European Bowling Tour Sunday at Dolfijn Bowling in Tilburg, Netherlands.

    The four survivors after three eliminator rounds, in which the players with the lowest two-game totals were eliminated, battled it out in a final two-game round for the title and the 8.000 Euro first prize.

    The top 3 only survived the first eliminator round by earning three of the four "lucky loser" spots.

    All players were within 22 pins after the first game with Dutchman Joshua Schuurman (right) in the lead with 245, followed by qualifying leader Carsten Warming Hansen (below left), Denmark, in second place with 234, Achim Grabowski (below right) of Germany, who won the Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament in 2006 for his lone EBT title, in third with 226 and Larsen in fourth with 223.

    2011EBT17AchimGrabowski.jpg2013EBT02CarstenWarmingHansen2.jpgLarsen threw a six-bagger in frames 2-7 and converted single-pin spares in the other frames for 246 and 469 to cruise to victory.

    Schuurman, who rolled the tournament's third 300 game in his four-game block in opening round of the finals, finished with 204 to secure second place with 449, worth 5.000 Euro.

    Grabowski, who bowled the fourth perfecto in semi-final round to seal his spot in the championship round, remained in third place with 203 and 429 total to earn 3.000 Euro.

    Hansen slipped to fell place with 416. He added another 2.000 Euro to the 1.000 Euro bonus he received for winning qualifying and for leading Squad 6.

     2013EBT02BirgitPoppler.jpg2012 European Bowling Tour women's ranking champion Birgit Pöppler (right) was the best of 39 women in the 196-player field from 16 countries in fifth place en route to win the women's ranking in Tilburg.

    L-R Schuurman (2nd), champion Larsen, Grabowski (3rd) and Hansen (4th). Click on the image to enlarge it.

    The Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament 2013 was the second stop of the 2013 European Bowling Tour and the first of five EBT "Silver" tournaments this season. The tournament was held from Sunday Feb. 3 through Sunday Feb. 10, 2013 at 20-lane Dolfijn Bowling in Tilburg, Netherlands.

    Players competed for total prize money of 51.500 Euro with 8.000 Euro going to the winner, 5.000 to the runner-up and 3.000 and 2.000 to third and fourth place finishers, respectively.

    Once again the HBS Tournament was contested on dual lane condition. In 2013, one lane was dressed with a 35 ft. "short" pattern and the other lane was dressed with a 40 ft. "medium" pattern.

    Qualifying ran from February 3-9. Women received 8 pins handicap each game, a standard on the European Bowling Tour.

    A total of 46 players - the top 36 qualifiers, the top 4 from the Desperado Squad and the top 6 from a separate leaderboard of Squads 1-4 conducted Feb. 3-5 - advanced to the finals on Sunday, Feb. 10. The top 6 qualifiers received one bye.

    Players ranked 7 to 46 bowled four games with the top 18 players joining the top six qualifiers in the eliminator finals. Those 24 players were divided into six groups of four players each for the first of four eliminator rounds.

    All four players bowled a two-game match with the two lowest scoring players eliminated. The two highest scoring players advanced to the next round (in the first round four "lucky losers" also advanced).

    The field was cut to 16, eight and then four players who bowled a final two-game round to determine the champion.


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    Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament 2013 - Championship Round (Final Standings)

    Dolfijn Bowling Tilburg in Tilburg, Netherlands (Feb. 3-10, 2013)




    Final Standings - Places 5-46 (Cashers)

    5. Birgit Pöppler, Germany, 1.500 Euro
    6. Bj√łrn Einar Rudshagen, Norway, 1.500 Euro
    7. Timo Schröder, Germany, 1.500 Euro
    8. Jesper Agerbo, Denmark, 1.500 Euro
    9. Mark Jacobs, Netherlands, 1.000 Euro
    10. Raymond Teece, England, 1.000 Euro
    11. John Guldbaek, Denmark, 1.000 Euro
    12. Jimmy Mortensen, Denmark, 1.000 Euro
    13. Jimmy Ravez, Belgium, 1.000 Euro
    14. Michael Krämer, Germany, 1.000 Euro
    15. Dominic Barrett, England, 1.000 Euro
    16. Osku Palermaa, Finland, 1.000 Euro
    17. Pascal Winternheimer, Germany, 750 Euro
    18. Peter Hellström, Sweden, 750 Euro
    19. Johnny Spil, Netherlands, 750 Euro
    20. Janine Gabel, Germany, 750 Euro
    21. Chris Klerk, United States, 750 Euro
    22. Frederik √ėhrgaard, Denmark, 750 Euro
    23. Francois Sacco, France, 750 Euro
    24. Xavier Milet, Belgium, 750 Euro
    25. Lisanne Breeschoten, Netherlands, 500 Euro
    26. Jean-Marc Samain, Belgium, 500 Euro
    27. Gery Verbruggen, Belgium, 500 Euro
    28. Mik Stampe, Denmark, 500 Euro
    29. Jeffrey van de Wakker, Netherlands, 500 Euro
    30. Phil Hulst, Netherlands, 500 Euro
    31. Ramon Hilferink, Netherlands, 500 Euro
    32. Remco van Dommelen, Netherlands, 500 Euro
    33. Richie Teece, England, 400 Euro
    34. Ghislaine van der Tol, Netherlands, 400 Euro
    35. Marco de Bruijn, Netherlands, 400 Euro
    36. Yoan Alix, France, 400 Euro
    37. Eric Kok, Netherlands, 400 Euro
    38. Dennis Eklund, Sweden, 400 Euro
    39. Johnny Fronville, Belgium, 400 Euro
    40. Wendy Kok, Netherlands, 400 Euro
    41. Mattias Nilsson, Sweden, 400 Euro
    42. Mats Maggi, Belgium, 400 Euro
    43. Johnni Adsbol, Denmark, 400 Euro
    44. Roel Mol, Netherlands, 400 Euro
    45. Michael Holzapfel, Germany, 400 Euro
    46. Kelly Plummen, Netherlands, 400 Euro



    Eliminator Finals Round 3 (fourth round overall)

    Two highest scoring players advance, two lowest scoring players eliminated.



    Eliminator Finals Round 2 (third round overall)

    Two highest scoring players advance, two lowest scoring players eliminated.



    Eliminator Finals Round 1 (second round overall)

    Two highest scoring players plus four "lucky losers" (highlighted in yellow) advance; all other players eliminated.



    Final Round One

    Top 18 advance to the second round