Costa Rica sweeps Doubles gold at X Central American Games 2013 in San José


    Costa Rica

    Alberto Lizano/Rodolfo Madriz and Viviana Delgado/Marie Ramirez win the titles in Men's and Women's Doubles; Costa Rican men achieve a clean sweep in 10th frame drama

    2013CAGVivianaDelgadoMarieRamirez.jpgThe team from the host country Costa Rica won both gold medals on the second day of competition at the X Central American Games 2013 when Alberto Lizano/Rodolfo Madriz and Viviana Delgado/Marie Ramirez captured the title in Men's and Women's Doubles Wednesday at Bol Cariari in San José, Costa Rica.

    Delgado (left) & Ramirez (right) led the twelve women's doubles from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama and Costa Rica on the Stockholm lane condition pattern with 2450 total and an average of 204.17 for six games.

    The Costa Ricans came out of the gates with games of 476 and 426 and never looked back. Delgado led the duo with 1239 and Ramirez added 1211.

    Guatemala's Sofia Rodriguez and Pamela Monzon, who had a slow start and were 183 pins behind after just two games, finished strong and fell just 18 pins short to take the silver medal with 2432 (202.67).

    Their team mates Ximena Soto and Ana L. Bolanos secured the bronze medal by 15 pins over El Salvador's Marcela Sanchez and Singles gold medalist Edith Quintanilla, 2401 to 2386.

    With two of five events in the books, Monzon overtook the lead in All Events with 2495 and an average of 207.92 for twelve games. Quintanilla slipped to second place with 2484. Delgado moved into third place with 2463 while Soto jumped into fourth place with 2399 behind the highest individual 1256 series in Doubles.

    2013CAGAlbertoLizanoRodolfoMadriz.jpgThe medals in Men's Doubles were decided in a 10th frame drama featuring three teams from Costa Rica and one team from Guatemala. When the dust had settled Costa Rica had swept all three medals.

    Heading into the final game, Alberto Lizano (l.) and Rodolfo Madriz (r.) were in fourth place with 2100 for five games, trailing their compatriots Jose A. Garcia & James Stanley (2130), Mario Valverde & Alejandro Reyna (2123) and Guatemala's Luis A. Herrera & Armando Batres by 30, 23 and four pins.

    Lizano (204) and Madriz (215) finished with a 419 game and were the only team that managed a 200-plus average en route to move into first place with 2519 total and an average of 209.92.

     Valverde/Reyna missed the gold medal by 12 pins but maintained second place with a 384 final game and 2507 overall. Garcia/Stanley finished with the lowest game of all four teams (375) but secured the bronze medal with 2505.

    L-R Valverde & Reyna (2nd), champions Lizano & Madriz and Stanley & Garcia (3rd). Click on the image to enlarge it.

    Singles silver and bronze medalists Herrera/Batres, who led the field of 13 doubles after four games, slipped all the way out of the medals to finish fourth with 2499.

    Herrera used a 1266 in Doubles to overtake the lead in All Events with 2608 and an average of 217.33 for twelve games. Singles gold medalist Reyna slipped to second place with 2598 and is followed by team mate Valverde, who is third with 2520. Batres is mere two pins off the pace for the medals in fourth place with 2518.

    Costa Rica leads the medal tally after two events with three gold, one silver and two bronze medals. El Salvador is second thanks to Quintanilla's gold medal in Women's Singles. Guatemala is still looking to add the first gold medal to its three silver and two bronze medals, while Honduras and Panamá are waiting for their first medal.

    The athletes will get another chance for medals in the Mixed Doubles event on the Stockholm pattern on Thursday, March 14.

    2013CAGLogo.jpg 2013CAGMascotNamu.jpg The X Central American Games 2013 will be held from March 3-17, 2013 in San José, Costa Rica. After two consecutive editions without being invited, Tenpin Bowling celebrates its return at the quadrennial Games. The bowling competition takes place at Bol Cariari from March 12-17.

    51 bowlers - 27 men and 24 women - from five countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama and the host country, Costa Rica) will compete for the medals in Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Trios, Teams, individual All Events, Country All Events, and Masters on the 34-feet Stockholm and the 41-feet Montreal lane conditioning pattern.


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