Tish Johnson beats Robin Romeo to win 23rd National Golden Ladies Classic


    United States

    Janet Romig takes the title in the Super Senior Division

     Two USBC Hall of Famers battled it out for the title in the 23rd National Golden Ladies Classic March 21st at The Orleans Bowling Center in Las Vegas, Nev., United States.

    L-R Champion Tish Johnson, Robin Romeo (2nd), Sharon Aronson (3rd), Pam Pancoast (4th), and Carol Teel (5th). Click on the image to enlarge it.

    Tish Johnson added to her impressive title list with her first career "Senior" championship by defeating Robin Romeo, 213-204. Johnson, a member of Team USA in 2008, has won 25 professional women's titles, including five majors, and Romeo, an 18-time professional tour winner and the 2012 Senior U.S. Women's Open winner, will represent the United States at the inaugural WTBA World Seniors Championships later this year.

    The final stepladder match saw Johnson maintain the lead through the fifth frame before leaving back to back splits, 7-10 and 4-6-7-10. She then proceeded to roll three consecutive strikes forcing Romeo to double in the 10th for the win. Romeo left a ringing 10 pin on the lane she had previously struck every shot.

    In previous stepladder matches, Sharon Aronson defeated Carol Teel, 216-210, Aronson then defeated Pam Pancoast, 255-225, before she fell to Romeo in the semifinal, 219-205.

    2013GoldenLadiesTishJohnson.jpg In the Super Senior Division, Janet Romig shot 257 the final position game to jump from third to first place en route to claim the $1,030 top prize.

    Jeanette Robinson (pictured left with champion Tish Johnson and Tournament Director Darryl Smith, l-r) has been hosting National Golden Ladies Classic for 23 years, which is the first leg of the Senior Women's Triple Crown that includes the Women's Senior U.S. Open and Senior Queens. The tournament, which was sponsored by Storm with added money by the Women's Bowling Alliance (WBA), drew 90 of the nation's top 50+ women bowlers and included 39 super seniors (60+).

    Five 300 games were recorded in the tournament: Robin Romeo (2), Char Hammel, Debbie Wade and Shelly Nell.


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    23rd National Golden Ladies Classic - Senior Division

    The Orleans Bowling Center in Las Vegas, Nev., United States (March 16-17, 2013)

    Championship Round:
    1. Tish Johnson, Colorado Springs, CO, $2,130
    2. Robin Romeo, Newhall, CA, $1,105
    3. Pam Pancoast, Lomita, CA, $830
    4. Sharon Aronson, Turlock, CA, $630
    5. Carol Teel, The Villages, FL, $530

    Playoff Results:
    Match #1: Aronson def. Teel, 216-210
    Match #2: Aronson def. Pancoast, 255-225
    Match #3: Romeo def. Aronson, 219-205
    Championship Match: Johnson def. Romeo, 213-204

    Other cashers:
    6. Kristy Whitcher, Belfair, WA, $395
    7. Paula Vidad, Sun City, CA, $385
    8. Lucy Sandelin, Tampa, FL, $380
    9. Lil Johnson, Lawton, OK (SS), $375
    10. Sharon Powers, Lakewood, CO, $370
    11. Judy Gurney, Mesa, AZ, $365
    12. Betty Morris, Citrus Heights, CA (SS), $360
    13. Pam Buckner, Reno, NV (SS), $355
    14. Shelley Nell, Silverdale, WA, $350
    15. Erin Wilson, Las Vegas, NV, $345
    16. Char Hammel, Las Vegas, NV, $340
    17. Jennifer Martin, San Jose, CA, $335
    18. Rene Fleming, Oklahoma City, OK, $330
    Alt. Terri Ward, Loveland, CO, $120


    23rd National Golden Ladies Classic - Super Senior Division

    The Orleans Bowling Center in Las Vegas, Nev., United States (March 16-17, 2013)

    1. Janet Romig, Osprey, FL, $1,030
    2. Marci Williams, Wichita, KS, $630
    3. Heidi Pagenkopf, Lynnwood, WA, $580
    4. Virginia Norton, Cypress, CA, $480
    5. Connie Palmer, El Cajon, CA, $430
    6. Alberta Wambold, Rochester, NY, $380
    7. Bennie Gemello, Tucson, AZ, $355
    8. Joyce Marshall, New York, NY, $330
    9. Pam Lawrence, Pflugerville, TX, $305
    10. Vesma Grinfelds, San Fransico, CA, $280
    11. La Dona Cooper, Covington, WA, $255
    12. Jude Ann Cobler, Las Vegas, NV, $240
    Alt. Rose Smith, Las Vegas, NV, $120