Paeng Nepomuceno: Mastering the Mental Game



    Due to the overwhelming response of the May 1 seminar, another seminar is scheduled for Saturday, May 25, at Paeng's Midtown Bowl in Metro Manila, Philippines

    20130503MasteringMentalGamePoster.jpg After more than four decades in bowling and 124 titles in five continents, Philippine bowling legend Paeng Nepomuceno has been sharing the secrets of his success with his fellow bowling athletes and coaches.

    Nepomuceno, 56, has been holding the Mastering the Mental Game seminars for the past years in his country and also overseas.

    "I believe that my greatest strength as a bowler and a coach is my mental game," Paeng states. "I have chosen this topic because I noticed that many athletes and coaches do not give much importance to this part of the game."

     The seminar, which was held on Wednesday, May 1, at Paeng's Midtown Bowl in Metro Manila, Philippines, attracted USBC Bronze and Silver level coaches as well as a mix of veteran and youth bowlers.

    The picture shows Paeng amidst the seminar participants: Rubilen Amit, Angela Tolentino, Silver Coach Arman Siason, Silver Coach Vic Agu, Bronze Coach Weyo Salvador, Bronze Coach Ricky Marcelo, Nikko Go, Anne Agu, Malou Bacar, John Michael Arenillo, Roel Tolentino, Andy Rubio, Ariel Pardo, Glen Cadag, Brian Sy, Arvin Ragas, Ramon Rober Suter, Paul Sia, Lorenz Tugade, Geff Buyco and Alex Yabut. Click image for larger view.

    One special participant was Ms. Rubilen Amit, who is the Philippines' sole World Billiards Champion. Paeng has mentored her mental game in the past.

    Due to the overwhelming response, Paeng has scheduled another seminar for Saturday, May 25, at the same venue.

    "The one day seminar teaches athletes and coaches to achieve excellence in what they do", Paeng said. "The ultimate goal for this seminar is for them to put in action what they have learned from me and make it a part of their training program."


    Mastering the Mental Game - Overview

    Bring your bowling game to the next level by learning to tap into the incredible mental resources within each of us:
    • To overcome mental barriers that bowling athletes feel are keeping them from reaching their best.
    • To master the mental side of bowling, which will lead into a new level of excellence.
    • Proper application of the fundamentals of the mental game can achieve as much improvement as an equal amount of time spent on the lanes.
    • To realize that achievement in sports in not entirely physical. the mental aspect at times exceeds the physical in importance.
    • Excelling in mental skills leads to excellence in physical skills.

    This seminar will cover the following:
    1. Mental relaxation
    2. Visualization and Imagery
    3. Emotions and Feelings
    4. Develop Concentration Skills
    5. Positive Self Image
    6. Staying Motivated
    7. Personal Life experience of Paeng Nepomuceno and how these mental techniques worked for him
    8. Class Activity
    9. Bowling Mental Tools
    10. Inspirational videos and photos of Paeng