Paeng holds International Coaching Seminars while Super Typhoon "Haiyan" hits The Philippines



    USBC Gold Coach Paeng Nepomuceno holds International Level One and Bronze Level Seminars in Manila from November 8-10

    2011AUSMPaengNepomuceno.jpgUSBC International Bowling Ambassador and Gold Level coach Paeng Nepomuceno (pictured left) held USBC International Level One and Bronze Level Seminars in Manila while Super Typhoon "Haiyan", the strongest typhoon in the world this year and possibly the most powerful ever to hit land smashed into the Philippines.

    "I had to hold the seminar despite Haiyan because all the foreign coaches had arrived and I was glad that they were able to travel back safely to their respective countries," Paeng said.

    2013HaiyanSeminarExams.jpgThe seminars ran from November 8-10 and the participants came from Bahrain, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines. The seminar started on Friday, just hours after Haiyan made landfall.

    "Storm Haiyan has set a world record as the strongest tropical cyclone to hit land in world history," Paeng said. "Jeff Masters, the director of meteorology at US based Weather Underground, said Haiyan's wind strength made it one of the four most powerful typhoons ever recorded in the world and most powerful to have made landfall.

    2013HaiyanSeminarBronzeCoaches.jpg2013HaiyanSeminarLevelOneCoaches.jpgThe coaches, who were certified in both levels were Mohamed Mustafa Jahani of Bahrain, Nguyen Van Hoang of Vietnam, Syareeza Fajrin of Malaysia, Mohd Farid Khalid of Malaysia, Philippine Women's National Team coachJosephine Canare, Dr. Gonzalo B. Roman Jr., Alex Duque, Jackson Co and Selwyn Cabaluna, Philippines (pictured left).

    Rhedd Viray, Rodel Tungala and Rosauro "Nil" Buencamino passed the Level One certification test (right).

    Philippine bowling legend Paeng Nepomuceno, who teamed up with the United States Bowling Congress to promote the sport of tenpin bowling around the world, held the seminars at Paeng's Eastwood Bowl.

    The newly updated Bronze Level Certification Program focused on the following coaching fundamentals which were updated recently:

    • Pedagogy of coaching
    • Fine tuning the physical game
    • Lane conditions and adjustments
    • The mental game
    • Components of the bowling ball
    • Dynamics of ball motion
    • Two-handed Bowling
    • Videotaping
    • Video analysis
    • Giving a lesson

    As a USBC Coaching Instructor, Paeng teaches Level I, Bronze and Silver Level classes around the world. The coaches, which Paeng trains and certifies through the USBC program, will develop bowlers in the region, some of whom could become top level competitors.

    Paeng, who has won 124 international titles in his illustrious career, recently was at the International Training and Research Center in Arlington, Texas, to update the talking points for his seminars.