ITRC gets cutting-edge technology with Google Glass


    USBC Coaching

    By Lucas Wiseman, USBC Communications

    20140117RodRossGopgleGlass.jpg The International Training and Research Center has always been on the cutting edge of technology and with the introduction of Google Glass that trend has continued.

    Rod Ross (pictured left), director of the ITRC and Team USA head coach, recently received Google Glass, which is a tiny computer mounted onto an eyeglass frame. The wearable device can be used for hands-free video recording, which will help with coaching and training.

    "Google Glass are extremely hard to get presently," Ross said. "We were invited into the explorer program with Google to see how this technology can be applied and utilized for bowling and bowling coaching. I'm excited to be able to use these because they are extremely portable, and it's like having a computer on your head."

    20140117MikeFaganGopgleGlass.jpg Team USA member Mike Fagan (right) had the opportunity to test out Google Glass and sees a lot of practical applications for the technology.

    "If you're a coach receiving the video, you can go over what the player is seeing, what the coach wants the player to see and how they are looking at the lane differently," Fagan said. "Those are two things that can be really tough when it comes to communication between a player and a coach."

    The ITRC already has eye-tracking goggles that tell what a bowler's pupil is focused on and looking at. The Google Glass will serve as a complement to the eye-tracking goggles, which Ross said are much more sophisticated.

    The ITRC, located at the International Bowling Campus, has 14 lanes dedicated to training and state-of-the-art technology including biomechanical motion tracking, DigiTrax(tm) ball motion technology, video analysis and much more.

    For more information on the International Training and Research Center, here.