How Fred Borden can become your Bowling Coach


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    2006MBCRonHatfieldFredBorden.jpg What do bowling coach legend Fred Borden (right), Team USA head coach Jeri Edwards, gold-level coach Ron Hatfield (left) and PBA super star Chris Barnes have in common?

    They can become YOUR bowling coach. What if you could choose one, two or even all of them? No kidding. It has become reality.

    World wide renowned bowling expert Borden, whose athletes have won 57 gold medals, 41 silver and 27 bronze during his stint as Team USA head coach from September 1989 through December 2003, brings the best of the best together on

    MyBowlingCoachLogo.jpg Their premise is simple: The better you can bowl, regardless of your level of play, the more you'll enjoy yourself.

    That's what is all about. Borden has assembled some of the world's best bowling coaches and through some amazing internet technology, they're available to you 24-7.

    People can improve virtually every aspect of their game with the exclusive online video and audio coaching program.

    The staff will also be traveling and teaching clinics on the finer aspects of our great sport. Attendees learn more about the physical game, the mental game, lane play, and equipment - all the components you need to take your game to the next level.

    MyBowlingCoach Coaching Staff

    2006MBCFredBorden.jpg Fred Borden
    Fred Borden is the former Team USA head coach and a world wide renowned bowling expert. He's traveled around the world, working with bowlers of all skill levels. One of the premier bowling instructors in the world, Borden has more than 40 years of experience.

    2006MBCJeriEdwards.jpg Jeri Edwards
    Jeri Edwards has dedicated more than 20 years to the sport of bowling. The USBC Coaching Gold-level coach served two stints as a Team USA assistant coach – 1991-96 and 2000-03 – and was head coach of Junior Team USA in 2002 and 2003.

    Jeri spent five years on the Ladies Professional Bowlers Tour, winning the 1990 Greater Atlanta Open, and was a 1988 Women's International Bowling Congress Championship Tournament team champion.

    She replaced longtime friend and Team USA head coach Fred Borden, who retired in 2003. From the Borden/Edwards School of Bowling at Stonehedge Place in Akron, Ohio, to co-hosting the "Bowling Rocks" and "Learn the Curve" instructional videos designed for kids and adults, the duo has been at the coaching forefront for years.

    2006MBCRonHatfield.jpg Ron Hatfield
    Ron Hatfield is a former coach for Junior Team USA and the head coach of one of the most respected and most modeled high school bowling programs in the country. One of USBC's Gold Coaches, Hatfield regularly travels the United States and the world teaching bowling to people of all ages and abilities.

    Chris Barnes.jpg Chris Barnes
    A former student of Fred Borden and Jeri Edwards, PBA bowler Chris Barnes is a premier bowling instructor in his own right. In addition to having won several titles on tour, he is a certified coach who works with bowlers of all skill levels.