Martin Larsen defeats Dom Barrett to win his 8th EBT title in II Brunswick Madrid Challenge


    2014 European Bowling Tour #9

    Marek Talpa, Jesper Svensson and Paco Rodriguez achieve perfection in Final Rounds 2 & 3 to bring the number of 300 game to 10; Sweden's Ida Andersson wins women's ranking in Madrid

    2014EBT09MartinLarsen3.jpg2014EBT09DominicBarrett3.jpgSwede Martin Larsen (pictured left) defeated fellow PBA bowler Dominic Barrett (right) of England, 213-190, to win his eighth European Bowling Tour title in the 2nd annual Brunswick Madrid Challenge Sunday afternoon at Bowling Chamartín in Madrid, Spain.

    Larsen, who averaged 261.13 for eight games in Final Rounds 3 & 4 to earn the No. 1 seed for the stepladder finals, received 6.000 Euro and 100 ranking points for winning the EBT "silver" tournament. The high-scoring event featured 10 300 games.

    2014EBT09CarstenWarmingHansen.jpg2014EBT09ThomasLarsen.jpgBarrett, a three-time PBA champion including one ""major", who was looking for his 9th EBT title, ousted No. 2 seed, Carsten Warming Hansen (left), Denmark, in the opening match, 257-225, to earn the right to challenge Larsen for the title.

    Barrett received 3.000 Euro and 80 points for second place, while Hansen, who still is waiting for his breakthrough win on the Tour, took home 2.000 Euro and 70 points.

    Current European Bowling Tour point ranking leader Thomas Larsen (above right) of Denmark finished in 8th place in Madrid to widen his lead to 123 points.

    2014EBT09IdaAndersson4.jpgIda Andersson (right) of Sweden, who was the lone woman who reached the third round of the finals, won the women's ranking in Madrid to move into second place in the EBT women's point ranking, 194 points behind leader Kamilla Kjeldsen of Denmark.

    2014BrunswickMadridChallengeLogo_small.jpg The 2nd Brunswick Madrid Challenge was held from Saturday, June 21, through Sunday, June 29, at 20-lane Bowling Chamartín in Madrid, Spain. The tournament was the ninth stop of the 2014 European Bowling Tour season and the third and last EBT "silver" tournament, the third-highest of four categories.

    Players competed for total prize money of 40.250 Euro with 6.000 Euro going to the winner, 3.000 Euro to the runner-up and 2.000 Euro to the third-place finisher. Low to cash was 50th place worth 300 Euro.

    Qualifying got underway on Saturday, June 21, and ran through Saturday, June 28. Women received 8 pins handicap each game (maximum score is 300), a standard on the European Bowling Tour.

    A total of 50 players qualified for the finals on Sunday, June 29 - the top 38 players from the overall qualifying standings, the top three players from the combined standings of June 21-22 squads and the top 5 of June 23-24 squads (not among the top 38), and the top four players of the Desperado Squad. The top 10 qualifiers receive two byes while qualifiers 11-20 get a first-round bye.

    The first three rounds of the finals featured four games from scratch. The field was trimmed to 30, 20 and then 10 players who advanced to another four-game round with the Round 3 total carried forward.

    The top 3 with the highest eight-game total advanced to the stepladder finals. The finals were decided in one-game matches. The No. 2 seed bowled the No. 3 seed for the right to bowl the top seed for the title.

    2014EBTLogo_small.jpg The 2014 European Bowling Tour features 20 tournaments in 14 countries. In its 15th season, the EBT consists of two Platinum, six Gold, three Silver and nine Satellite tournaments. The total prize fund exceeds one million Euro.

    The top 50 men and the top 50 women in each event receive ranking points. Those points will be tabulated throughout the season to determine the top 12 men and top 12 women, who will compete in the eighth EBT Masters July 6, 2015 at Bowling Chamartín in Madrid, Spain, immediately following the III Brunswick Madrid Challenge.

    The tour takes a two-week break before heading to San Marino for the 10th San Marino Open, which will be contested July 12-20 at Rose'n Bowl in Serravalle, San Marino.


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    2nd Brunswick Madrid Challenge - Stepladder Finals

    2014EBT09MartinLarsen2.jpgChampionship Round:
    1. Martin Larsen, Sweden, 213 (1 game), 6.000 Euro
    2. Dominic Barrett, England, 447 (2 games), 3.000 Euro
    3. Carsten Warming Hansen, Denmark, 225 (1 game), 2.000 Euro

    Photo: Martin Larsen and Jose Manuel Mandayo from Brunswick Spain.

    Playoff Results:
    Semifinal Match: No. 3 Barrett def. No. 2 Hansen, 257-225
    Championship: No. 1 Larsen def. Barrett, 213-190.


    2nd Brunswick Madrid Challenge - Round Four Results

    The top 3 advance to the stepladder finals. Places 4-10 show earnings.



    2nd Brunswick Madrid Challenge - Places 11 to 50 (cashers)

    11. Brian Voss, United States, 750 Euro
    12. Melvin Ocando, Spain, 750 Euro
    13. Marek Talpa, Czech Republic, 750 Euro
    14. Ben Howison-Johnstone, England, 750 Euro
    15. Robert Andersson, Sweden, 750 Euro
    16. Bodo Konieczny, Germany, 600 Euro
    17. Christopher Sloan, Ireland, 600 Euro
    18. Alejandro Reyna, Costa Rica, 600 Euro
    19. Ida Andersson, Sweden, 600 Euro
    20. Carlos Lee Llamas, Mexico, 600 Euro
    21. Nikita Koshelev, Russia, 500 Euro
    22. Patrick Meka, Netherlands, 500 Euro
    23. Osku Palermaa, Finland, 500 Euro
    24. Richard Teece, England, 500 Euro
    25. Nina Flack, Sweden, 500 Euro
    26. Tommaso Radi, Italy, 500 Euro
    27. Jenny Wegner, Sweden, 500 Euro
    28. Tore Torgersen, Norway, 500 Euro
    29. Mai Ginge Jensen, Denmark, 500 Euro
    30. Jaime DeCarvajal, Spain, 500 Euro
    31. Ruben Orche, Spain, 400 Euro
    32. Alejandro Arjonilla, Spain, 400 Euro
    33. Markus Heinonen, Finland, 400 Euro
    34. Pablo Barriopedro, Spain, 400 Euro
    35. Paul Moor, England, 400 Euro
    36. Jesper Hagberg, Sweden, 400 Euro
    37. Casey Goettel, United States (collegiate bowler, no prize money)
    38. Daniel Vezis, Latvia, 400 Euro
    39. Iñigo Garcia, Spain, 400 Euro
    40. Perttu Jussila, Finland, 400 Euro
    41. Javier Moreno, Spain, 300 Euro
    42. Artur Colomer, Spain, 300 Euro
    43. Jonathan Sturt, England, 300 Euro
    44. Stéphanie Dubourg, France, 300 Euro
    45. Fco. Javier Larragan, Spain, 300 Euro
    46. Guillermo Berganza, Spain, 300 Euro
    47. Txus Puente, Spain, 300 Euro
    48. Sammy Castillo, Spain, 300 Euro
    49. Serge Frouvelle, France, 300 Euro
    50. Raul Jimenez, Spain, 300 Euro



    2nd Brunswick Madrid Challenge - Round Three Results

    The top 10 advance to the fourth round. Places 11-15 earn 750 Euro; places 16-20 earn 600 Euro.



    2nd Brunswick Madrid Challenge - Round Two Results

    The top 10 advance to the third round. Places 11-20 finish 21st to 30th, earn 500 Euro.



    2nd Brunswick Madrid Challenge - Round One Results

    The top 10 advance to the second round. Places 11-20 finish 31st to 40th, earn 400 Euro; places 21-30 finish 41st to 50th, earn 300 Euro.