Nadejda Korablinova becomes the second consecutive woman to win the Russian Open


    2014 European Bowling Tour #13

    Russian becomes the third woman in 2014 to win a European Bowling Tour title; defeats Egyptian Ahmed Gamal in the title match

    2014EBT13NadejdaKorablinova.jpg2014EBT13AhmedGamal.jpgNadejda Korablinova (pictured left) of Russia defeated Ahmed Gamal (right) of Egypt in the two-games, total pins title match to win the 2014 Russian Open Sunday afternoon at Russkoe Pole "Russian Field" bowling center in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    Korablinova was down by 21 pins after the first game, 172 including eight pins handicap to Gamal's 193, but rebouned with a huge 244 scratch and 252 total, to cruise to victory, 424-385. She earned 2.500 Euro and 50 ranking points.

    2014EBT13MariaBulanova.jpgKorablinova, who eliminated defending champion and fellow countrywoman Maria Bulanova (left) in the semifinals, 511-480 including a 280-255 first game (scratch), became the second consecutive women to win the Russian Open and third woman in 2014 to win a European Bowling Tour title.

    Women have won 28 titles and at least one title in each season since the EBT's inception in the year 2000. The most titles came in the year 2008, when Nina Flack (2) of Sweden, England's Kirsten Penny and Patricia Luoto of Germany won four of the last five tournaments.

    Korablinova is the 20th woman to win an EBT title. Zara Glover, England and Ghislaine van der Tol, Netherlands, lead the list with three victories each.

    2014EBT13AndreySuslov.jpg2014EBT13SergeyRogov.jpgIn a low-scoring quarterfinal, Korablinova, seeded third for the single-elimination finals (all matches were two-games, total pins format), ousted qualifying leader Andrey Suslov (left), Russia, 351-331.

    Gamal, seeded 7th, had the most difficult route to the title match but flew past No. 2 seed, Alexey Parshukov, Russia, in the quarterfinal, 448-351, and went on to equally easily defeat top-seeded Sergei Rogov (right) in the semifinals, 463-392.

    Gamal received 2.200 Euro for second place. Bulanova, who defeated Rogov in roll-off, 468-396, earned 2.000 Euro for third place while Rogov took home 1.700 Euro for fourth place.

    48 out of 94 players from nine countries survived the two-day qualifying to earn berths into the finals. The top 4 qualifiers received two byes while qualifiers 5-12 got one bye.

    2014EBT13MaximOkorokov.jpgMaxim Okorokov (left) of Russia (930) and Ahmed Gamal (901) led the first and second round which trimmed the field to 20 players. Those 20 bowled another four-game round to determine the top eight players for the knock-out finals.

    2014EBT13Top4.jpgSergei Rogov earned the No. 1 seed with a 941 series including games of 228, 246, 245 and 222 and an average of 235.25. His compatriot Alexey Parshukov was second with 928 followed by three Russian women, Nadejda Korablinova (902), Evgeniya Smirnova (878) and defending champion Maria Bulanova (873).

    Pictured right are the four finalists. L-R Gamal, Bulanova, Korablinova and Rogov.

    Sixth place belonged to qualifying leader Andrey Suslov, Russia, with 852. The two remaining spots went to Ahmed Gamal (848) and Henry Laine (845) of Finland.

    2014EBT13RussianOpenLogo2_small.jpg The Russian Open was the 13th stop of the 2014 European Bowling Tour and the fifth out of nine EBT "Satellite" tournaments this season. The three-day event was held from Sept. 12-14 at 52-lane Russkoe Pole "Russian Field" bowling center in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    The Russian Open offered total prize fund of 25.000 Euro. Final cash spot was 48th place worth 200 Euro.

    Qualifying (six-game series, unlimited re-entries) ran Friday and Saturday, Sept. 12 & 13 and concluded with the Desperado Squad. Women received 8 pins handicap each game throughout the entire event, an equality handicap provided to women in all European Bowling Tour events.

    2014EBTLogo_small.jpg The 2014 European Bowling Tour features 20 tournaments in 14 countries. In its 15th season, the EBT consists of two Platinum, six Gold, three Silver and nine Satellite tournaments. The total prize fund exceeds one million Euro.

    The top 50 men and the top 50 women in each event receive ranking points. Those points will be tabulated throughout the season to determine the top 12 men and top 12 women, who will compete in the eighth EBT Masters July 6, 2015 at Bowling Chamartín in Madrid, Spain, immediately following the III Brunswick Madrid Challenge.



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    2014 Russian Open - Top 48 (cashers)

    Players with position, country and prize money

    1. Nadejda Korablinova, Russia, 2.500 Euro
    2. Ahmed Gamal, Egypt, 2.200 Euro
    3. Maria Bulanova, Russia, 2.000 Euro
    4. Sergei Rogov, Russia, 1.700 Euro
    5. Alexey Parshukov, Russia, 1.300 Euro
    6. Evgeniya Smirnova, Russia, 1.200 Euro
    7. Andrey Suslov, Russia, 1.100 Euro
    8. Henry Laine, Finland, 1.000 Euro
    9. Ivan Semenov, Russia, 450 Euro
    10. Yan Korshak, Russia, 450 Euro
    11. Alexsander Pashkovskiy, Russia, 450 Euro
    12. Daniel Vezis, Latvia, 450 Euro
    13. Maxim Okorokov, Russia, 450 Euro
    14. Mykhaylo Kalika, Ukraine, 450 Euro
    15. Alexander Minenko, Russia, 450 Euro
    16. Alexey Drojbin, Russia, 450 Euro
    17. Anton Zelenkov, Russia, 450 Euro
    18. Pavel Sobolev, Belarus, 450 Euro
    19. Oleg Sokolov, Russia, 450 Euro
    20. Andrey Reva, Russia, 450 Euro
    21. Nikita Kuznetsov, Russia, 300 Euro
    22. Alexander Medveditskov, Russia, 300 Euro
    23. Sergey Andreev, Russia, 300 Euro
    24. Artemy Zubkov, Russia, 300 Euro
    25. Igor Gorodnichiy, Russia, 300 Euro
    26. Evgeniy Mineev, Russia, 300 Euro
    27. Petri Murto, Finland, 300 Euro
    28. Alexander Efremov, Russia, 300 Euro
    29. Olga Tabachkova, Russia, 300 Euro
    30. Svetlana Lipkina, Russia, 300 Euro
    31. Ilya Tsarenko, Russia, 200 Euro
    32. Vadim Badin, Russia, 200 Euro
    33. Alexandra Udem, Russia, 200 Euro
    34. Veronika Hudjakova, Latvia, 200 Euro
    35. Dmitriy Shilkin, Belarus, 200 Euro
    36. Linas Sasnauskas, Lithuania, 200 Euro
    37. Alexey Geraskin, Russia, 200 Euro
    38. Sergey Tazin, Belarus, 200 Euro
    39. Anatoly Ivanov, Russia, 200 Euro
    40. Varvara Gryaznova, Russia, 200 Euro
    41. Anastasia Mishkina, Russia, 200 Euro
    42. Kirill Seburev, Russia, 200 Euro
    43. Vladimir Brokan, Russia, 200 Euro
    44. Nikita Koshelev, Russia, 200 Euro
    45. Andrey Shamshuro, Russia, 200 Euro
    46. Mohamed Essa, Egypt, 200 Euro
    47. Nati Volpert, Israel, 200 Euro
    48. Ravshan Abdusamadov, Uzbekistan, 200 Euro



    2014 Russian Open - Single-elimination Finals

    All matches are two-games, total pins format.



    2014 Russian Open - Final Round Three

    Top 8 advance to the single-elimination finals. Places 9-20 eliminated, earn 450 Euro.



    2014 Russian Open - Final Round Two

    Top 16 advance to the second round. Places 17-26 eliminated, finish 11st to 30th, earn 300 Euro.



    2014 Russian Open - Final Round One

    Top 18 advance to the second round. Places 19-36 eliminated, finish 31st to 48th, earn 200 Euro.