Giorgio Galluzzo continues to lead 3rd Ebonite Florence International after Day Three


    2014 European Bowling Tour #18

    No changes atop the qualifying leaderboard in Squads 10 & 11; Fabrizio Donini is the only player to move in the top 10; score to make the cut in 36th place is currently 1115 (185.83 average)

    2014EBT10FedericoRossi.jpg2014EBT18GiorgioGalluzzo.jpgThere were no changes to the qualifying leaderboard in the 3rd Ebonite Florence International after Tuesday's squad 10 & 11 (#9 has been cancelled) at Crazy Bowling in Florence, Italy.

    Italian international Federico Rossi (pictured left) led Squad 11 with 1257, the highest series of the day, just to miss his personal best in the tournament by two pins. Rossi stayed in fourth place with 1259.

    Giorgio Galluzzo (right) of Italy continued to lead the 87-player field with 1316 and an average of 219.33. Piero Colombani is the only other player who surpassed the 1300-mark so far to sit in second place with 1312 (218.67).

    Both players, who led Squad 2 and Squad 6, respectively, will be seeded into Sunday's finals if they will drop out of the top 36 until the end of the qualifying by virtue of leading the standings of Squads 1-8. If any of them finishes above the cut line, the automatic spot goes to the next eligible qualifier in order.

    2014EBT18FabrizioDonini.jpg2014EBT18AlessandraMorra.jpgSergio Fabbietti and Luciano Lambertini remained in third and fifth place with 1293 and 1251, respectively. Fabrizio Donini (left) was next to Rossi in Squad with 1246 to move into sixth place in the overall standings. Massimo Stefani, who toppled 1215 pins, was the only other player who reached the 1200-mark to take 13th place.

    24th place Alessandra Morra (right) is the best of seven women in the field with 1155 including 48 pins handicap. Patrik Delarue of France is the only non-Italian competitor so far in 63rd place with 1021.

    With 11 of 28 qualifying squads in the books, the score to make the cut in 36th place is 1115 or an average of 185.83 by Gabriele Giannelli. Qualifying continues on Tuesday, Oct. 14 with Squads 12-14 starting at 1, 5 and 9 p.m. Central European Summer Time (CEST).

    2014FlorenceInternationalLogo.jpg The 3rd Ebonite Florence International is the 18th and penultimate stop of the 2014 European Bowling Tour and the eighth and last EBT "Satellite" event this season. The tournament will be held from Oct. 11-19 at 18-lane Crazy Bowling in Florence, Italy.

    The total prize fund is 29.500 Euro with 5.000 Euro going to the winner, 2.5000 to the runner-up and 1.250 Euro apiece to the third and fourth place finishers.

    Qualifying began Saturday, Oct. 11 and runs through Saturday, Oct. 18, with the final Squad 28 scheduled for 9 p.m. local time (CEST). Qualifying concludes with the one-game Desperado Squad slated for 15 minutes past Midnight. Women receive 8 pins handicap each game, an equality handicap provided to women in every event on the European Bowling Tour.

    Total 46 players will advance to the finals on Sunday, Oct. 19 including the top 36 qualifiers, three players each from a separate leaderboard of the Squads conducted on Oct. 11 & 12 and 13 to 15 plus the top four players of the Desperado Squad. The qualifying leader and the runner-up will cash for 300 and 200 Euro, resp. The top 10 qualifiers will receive one bye.

    The other 36 finalists will bowl four games scratch. The top 18 of Round 1 will meet the top 10 qualifiers in Round 2. The top 16 after another four games scratch advance to the Eliminator round finals.

    Those 16 will be divided into four groups of four players. All players will bowl two games with the two lowest scoring players in each group eliminated. The two highest scoring players from each group advance to the next round featuring two groups.

    After another two-game round the two highest scoring players from each group advance. Those four players will determine the two finalists in another two-game round. The remaining two players will bowl one game on one lane (lower seed must start) to determine the champion.

    2014EBTLogo_small.jpg The 2014 European Bowling Tour features 19 tournaments in 13 countries. In its 15th season, the EBT consists of two Platinum, six Gold, three Silver and eight Satellite tournaments. The total prize fund is almost one million Euro.

    The top 50 men and the top 50 women in each event receive ranking points. Those points will be tabulated throughout the season to determine the top 12 men and top 12 women, who will compete in the eighth EBT Masters July 6, 2015 at Bowling Chamartín in Madrid, Spain, immediately following the III Brunswick Madrid Challenge.


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    The top 36 qualifiers plus 10 wild cards (total 46 players) will advance to the finals on Sunday, Oct 19