Starting on Tuesday: 12th Kuwait International Open 2015



    Cozmo Bowling Center in Salmiya City, Kuwait (March 10-14, 2015)


    The Kuwait International Open 2015 will be held from March 10-14 at Cozmo Bowling Center, a 16-laner in Salmiya City, Kuwait. Players compete for total prize money of US$130,500 with $25,000 going to winner, $12,000 to the runner-up and $8,000, $6,000 and $5,000 to the third, fourth and fifth place finishers.

    Opposite to the last four years, the 12th edition of the event is not included in the World Bowling Tour and therefore the winner will not be credited with a PBA title.

    Qualifying (15 games) runs from March 10-12 and features three blocks of 5 games (5 games per day). Players will be split into four squads (A, B, C and D). Women and youth bowlers receive five pins handicap each game.

    After 15 games, the field is cut to the top 34 players plus the next four Kuwaiti bowlers out of the cut (seeded 35th to 38th). All qualifying pins are dropped.

    The top 6 qualifiers plus the highest Kuwaiti (seeded 7th) receive three byes. Qualifiers 8-14 earn two byes and qualifiers 15-22 get one bye.

    Qualifiers 23-38 advance to Round Two on Friday morning to bowl six games scratch with the top 8 advancing to Round 3. Qualifiers 15-22 plus top eight from Round Two bowl another six games in Round Three on Friday afternoon. The top nine advance to Round Four.

    Those nine meet qualifiers 8-14 in Round Four on Friday evening. The top 8 after six games advance to Round Five on Saturday morning, where they will face the top seven qualifiers in a four-game round.

    All 15 players advance to a modified match play round on Saturday afternoon with Round Five pinfall carried forward. Three players on each pair of lanes will bowl seven games of match play plus one game position round. The winner of each match receives 20 bonus pins while the second-best player receives 10 bonus pins.

    The top five advance to the stepladder finals. Whoever reaches title match must defeat the top qualifier twice to win the title.

    12th Kuwait International Open 2015 serves as the qualifying event for the Asian Bowling Federation (ABF) Tour Kuwait leg, which will be held at the same bowling center on March 15.


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