Osku Palermaa defeats Isao Yamamoto to win his fifth PBA title in Bowling World Open


    2015 World Bowling Tour #13

    Both No. 2 seeds capture the titles in the arena-style setting at Makuhari-Messe in Tokyo, Japan, as Joey Yeo edges Birgit Pöppler to win the women's title; each champion earns 10 million Yen (approx. $81,814)



    2015WBOMenNo2OskuPalermaa.jpg2015WBOWomenNo2JoeyYeo.jpgBig payday for Finland's two-hander Osku Palermaa (pictured left) and Joey Yeo (right) of Singapore as the No. 2 seeds captured the men's and women's titles and the 10 million Yen first-place checks (approx. $81,814) in the inaugural Bowling World Open in Tokyo, Japan.

    Starting first, Yeo edged top-seeded Birgit Pöppler of Germany, 207-204. Pöppler, fresh off a big game in the semi-finals, bowled a clean game but managed only one double (6th and 7th frame) in the whole match. Joey, who suffered two open frames after failing to convert big splits (3rd and 9th frame) led by three pins heading into the last frame thanks to a five-bagger in frames 4-8.

    2015WBOWomenNo1BirgitPoppler.jpg2015WBOMenNo4IsaoYamamoto.jpgYeo needed to mark in the 10th frame went strike-spare to wrap up the biggest victory in her career. Pöppler (left) was consoled with a 5 million Yen check for second place (approx. $40,907).

    In the men's championship match, Palermaa struck on seven of his first eight frames to put the match out of reach for Isao Yamamoto (right) of Japan, who was unable to double and suffered an open frame after failing to convert a split in the sixth frame.

    The JPBA bowler closed with five consecutive strikes to narrow the gap to 24 pins while Palermaa cruised to victory with two single-pin spares and a strike on the fill ball, 248-224. Yamamoto received 5 million Yen check for second place (approx. $40,907) for second place.

    2015BWOChampionOskuPalermaa.jpgIn addition to the prize money, Palermaa (right) won his fifth career PBA title as the World Bowling Open awarded a PBA title to the winner of the men's division, if won by a PBA member, due to a cooperation between World Bowling and the Professional Bowlers Association.

    2015WBOLogo4.jpgThe World Bowling Tour "major" tournament drew 567 players from 52 countries. The top four men and the top four women advanced to the TV Finals which were staged in a special six-lane bowling arena-style setting in an exhibition hall at Makuhari-Messe, a convention center outside Tokyo.

    The finals were overshadowed by an accident as several spectators fell off the stands. According to our information nobody was injured seriously. All spectators had to leave the building. After the 1,500 chairs were removed from the stands to the floor the show could go on.

    In the semi-final matches the No. 1 seed took on the No. 4 seed and the No. 2 seed faced the No. 3 seed.

    2015WBOMenNo1DomBarrett.jpg2015WBOMenNo3BillONeill.jpgMen's leader Dom Barrett (left) of England, who was looking to win his fifth PBA title, led his semi-final match against local favorite Yamamoto after three frames by 22 pins (68-46) thanks to his double and an open frame by the Japanese pro bowler.

    Yamamoto, a former national team member and Asian champion, then reeled off nine consecutive strikes to eliminate Barrett, 256-224.

    The other semi-final match between Palermaa and six-time PBA champion Bill O'Neill (right), United States, was a strike fest. O'Neill struck on 10 of his 12 shots (split in the 7th frame and spare in the 8th frame) while Palermaa struck on all but one shot (open in the 8th frame) which made the difference, 266-256.

    Barrett and O'Neill finished tied for third place and earned 1.5 million Yen apiece (approx. $12.272).

    2015WBOWomenNo4KellyKulick.jpg2015WBOWomenNo3KarenMarcano.jpgOn the women's side, top-seeded Pöppler struck nine times and converted three single-pin spares to defeat Kelly Kulick (left), United States, 258-227.

    Kulick, who has won all major titles in women's bowling, including the U.S. Open and USBC Queens, Kulick is the only woman who has won a PBA Tour event (2010 PBA Tournament of Champions, a PBA "major").

    In the second match of the women's division, strung together five strikes from frames 2-6 and closed things out with a four-bagger to oust Karen Marcano (right) of Venezuela, one of the best bowlers in South America, 234-181.

    Kulick and Marcano shared third place and earned 1.5 million Yen apiece (approx. $12.272).

    Photos courtesy of Max Bulanov. © All rights reserved.



    2015WBOPoster.jpg 2015JBCLogo.jpg The inaugural Bowling World Open, the 13th event on the 2015 World Bowling Tour and one of the Tour's "major" tournaments, was held from July 9-12 in Tokyo, Japan. The richest event on the 2015 WBT schedule offered total prize fund of 48 million Japanese Yen, currently 392,709 U.S. Dollar as of today.

    Men and women competed in separate divisions for the same amount of prize money (24 million Yen each) using the same format. The men's and women's champion walked away with the 10 million Yen top prize (approx. $81,814).

    The Japanese and the international preliminaries got underway on Thursday, July 9, at Round1 Minamisuma and Shinagawa Prince Hotel bowling centers in Tokyo, Japan.

    There were 110 spots in each division available for the qualifying of the main event which were filled with 20 players from the Japanese preliminaries, 20 players from the international preliminaries and 70 invited players.

    All players, who were invited by the organizers, skipped the preliminaries and were automatically seeded into the main tournament.

    The World Bowling Open main event featured five games of qualifying with the top 33 advancing to the semifinals. All pinfall carried over into the three-game round after which the field was trimmed to the top 4 men and the top 4 women who proceeded to the TV Finals in single-elimination match play format.

    The top seeded player after eight games bowled the No. 4 seed and the second-seeded player took on the No. 3 seed. The winners bowled for the title.

    The Bowling World Open treated men and women equally with 10 million Yen top prize (approx. $81,814) each going to the men's and women's winner. The first runner-up received 5 million Yen (approx. $40,907) and the losers of the opening matches finished tied for third place, worth 1.5 million Yen apiece (approx. $12.272).

    MakuhariMesseTokyoJapan.jpg The international preliminaries were at Shinagawa Prince Hotel bowling center Thursday and Friday, July 9 & 10. The qualifying round of the main event and the semifinals followed Saturday, July 11, at Round1 Minamisuma bowling center, which also hosted the local preliminaries.

    The TV finals were conducted on Sunday, July 12, in a special six-lane bowling arena installed in an exhibition hall at Makuhari-Messe, a convention center outside Tokyo (pictured right).

    The Organizing Committee had chosen the 43-foot Tokyo oil pattern, one of the long patterns from the World Bowling bank of patterns. The Tokyo pattern was used in all three tournament venues.

    In addition the OC had announced that bowlers could register maximum six bowling balls during the whole tournament and couldn't change or add balls. Only registered balls were allowed.

    For more information, please click here.

    WBTLogo_small.jpg The 2015 World Bowling Tour, which actually got underway in November 2014, currently consists of 20 tournaments in the Middle East (8), United States (7), Asia (3) and Europe (2) including eight "majors" and 12 regular tournaments.

    Players earn ranking points based on how they finish in each event. The current points system is based on a continuous two-year cycle, so some points earned in 2013 and all points from the 2014 and 2015 are added to determine the points list.

    The top three men and top three women in the WBT points list will be invited to compete in the 2015 World Bowling Tour Finals in the beginning of 2016.

    World Bowling provides governance to international bowling and is made up of 134 bowling international federations. For more information on the World Bowling Tour, click here.


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    Bowling World Open - Men's Finals

    Arena finals at Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, Japan (July 12, 2015)

    2015BWOMenPodium.jpgChampionship Round:
    1. Osku Palermaa, Finland, 514 (2 games), 10 million Yen (approx. $81,814)
    2. Isao Yamamoto, Japan, 480 (2 games), 5 million Yen (approx. $40,907)
    3. Dom Barrett, England, 224 (1 game), 1.5 million Yen apiece (approx. $12.272)
    (tie) Bill O'Neill, United States, 255 (1 game), 1.5 million Yen apiece (approx. $12.272)

    Playoff Results:
    Semi-final Match 1: No. 4 Yamamoto def. No.1 Barrett, 256-224
    Semi-final Match 2: No. 2 Palermaa def. No. 3 O'Neill, 266-255
    Championship: Palermaa vs. Yamamoto, 248-224


    Bowling World Open - Women's Finals

    Arena finals at Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, Japan (July 12, 2015)

    2015BWOWomenPodium.jpgChampionship Round:
    1. Joey Yeo, Singapore, 441 (2 games), 10 million Yen (approx. $81,814)
    2. Birgit Pöppler, Germany, 462 (2 games), 5 million Yen (approx. $40,907)
    3. Karen Marcano, Venezuela, 181 (1 game), 1.5 million Yen (approx. $12.272)
    (tie) Kelly Kulick, United States, 227 (1 game), 1.5 million Yen apiece (approx. $12.272)

    Playoff Results:
    Semi-final Match 1: No.1 Pöppler def. No. 4 Kulick, 258-227
    Semi-final Match 2: No. 2 Yeo def. No. 3 Marcano, 234-181
    Championship: Yeo def. Pöppler, 207-204