Hammer files for patent protection


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    2016HammerCarbonFiberReinforced.jpg Hammer, bowling's toughest brand, has filed for patent protection for its carbon fiber process and other reinforcement material technologies. Hammer introduced carbon fibers to their outer cores and saw immediate improvement to durability. Most recently, Hammer infused carbon fiber into the coverstock of the Scandal, Hammer's most recent high performance product.

    "Performance and durability are off the charts," said Randy Teitloff, Vice President of Research and Development.

    "The increase in durability afforded by carbon fiber technology allows Hammer to offer an industry leading three-year warranty," said Jim Cormier, Vice President of Marketing. "This is something we feel is worth protecting."

    2016HammerCarbonFiberInfused.jpg To learn more about the benefits of carbon fiber technology in Hammer bowling balls, please click here and select the Scandal, Hammer's latest high performance product.

    Under videos, you will find a short piece explaining how carbon fiber not only increases the product's durability, but also increases its performance on the lanes. Hammer is a brand of Ebonite International, based in Hopkinsville, KY.


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