Ozio wins $25,000 in first GBT Major in Toledo


    Generations Bowling Tour #4

    Southwyck Lanes in Toledo, Ohio (Oct. 20-26, 2006)

    2006GBT04DavidOzioVinnieAtria.jpg David Ozio (left) won first 'major' on the Generations Bowling Tour and the $25,000 top prize Thursday night in the GBT Toledo Classic at Southwyck Lanes. He defeated last week's GBT champion Vinnie Atria (right) in the title match, 247-229. Atria earned $14,000 for second.

    In the title match, Ozio opened with a strong 4-bagger, while Atria had 10-pin trouble on the right lane, leaving the corner pin in frames 1 and 3.

    Ozio left the 2-pin and 4-pin in frames 5-6, but bounced back with a turkey in frames 7-9. Atria couldn't solve his 10-pin dilemma until the ninth, leaving two more in frames 6 and 8, and his closing four-bagger was too late.

    "Anytime you can start with some strikes, it puts the heat on the other guy, so I was very happy to put a little pressure on Vinnie at the start of the game," said Ozio. "The lanes broke down two or three boards in the middle of the game, and I moved, but when I left the two pin in the fifth, I missed right so I moved back," he said. "Now I can just relax and start next week with no pressure. I can't wait to get back into it," he added.

    "The right lane was a little tighter, and it didn't take much for me to leave a 10-pin on that lane," said Atria. "David has a lot more hand and he didn't have any trouble at all. I bowled a good match and I lost to a great bowler. He just bowled excellent. I watched him for two week and he's just amazing. I was thrilled to bowl against David. This was the first time we bowled each other and if I could have knocked out one of those tens, I might have given him a run, but it's been a great two weeks for me," he said.

    In earlier matches, all televised on Toledo's WTVG Channel 13, with announcers Nelson 'Bo' Burton Jr. and Rob Powers, Ozio defeated Johnny Petraglia, 257-220, for the Senior division title, and Atria defeated Jim Brenner, 224-195, for the Classic division crown. Petraglia and Brenner earned $6,000 each.

    In prior matches Petraglia defeated Roger Bowker 221-213, and Brenner beat Gary Dickinson 238-228. Bowker and Dickinson earned $3,000 each. With six players bowling five televised matches, there was only one open frame in 10 games, a testament to the quality of the field.

    Next week, the GBT moves to Camelot Lanes in Boardman, Ohio for the fifth stop of its inaugural eight city fall swing.

    GBT Toledo Classic - Championship Round

    Southwyck Lanes in Toledo, Ohio (Oct. 20-26, 2006)

    Championship Match
    David Ozio def. Vinnie Atria, 247-229
    Ozio earns $25,000, Atria gets $14,000.

    Senior Division (50-59)
    1. David Ozio, Beaumont, Texas, 257 (1 game)
    2. Johnny Petraglia, Manalapan, N.J., 731 (3 games), $6,000
    3. Roger Bowker, Ocala, Fla., 213 (1 game), $3,000
    4. Mark Roth, Fulton, N.Y., 203 (1 game), $2,500
    Playoff Results:
    First Match: Petraglia def. Roth, 290-203
    Second Match: Petraglia def. Bowker, 221-213
    Third Match: Ozio def. Petraglia, 257-220

    Classic Division (60+)
    1. Vinnie Atria, Louisville, Ky., 224 (1 game)
    2. James Brenner, Le Claire, Iowa, 691 (3 games), $6,000
    3. Gary Dickinson, Edmond, Okla., 228 (1 game), $3000
    4. Don Boyed, Columbus Grove, Ohio, 224 (1 game), $2,000
    Playoff Results:
    First Match: Brenner def. Boyed, 258-224
    Second Match: Brenner def. Dickinson, 238-228
    Third Match: Atria def. Brenner, 224-195

    Senior Division (50-59) after 24 Games of Match Play (40 games overall)

    Classic Division (60+) after 24 Games of Match Play (40 games overall)

    Ozio, Atria rocket to the top of Toledo Classic

    GBTLogo.jpg With one Round of match play remaining, David Ozio and Vinnie Atria are leading the Toledo Classic into Thursday's final round. Both made big moves Tuesday night to put some distance between themselves and second place.

    Ozio leads the Senior division by 152 pins and in the Classic division, Atria is a huge 400 pins ahead of second, held by Hicksville, Ohio's Derek Smith. Jim Brenner is third.

    Ozio managed a pair of 250+ games in averaging 230.2 in round two, rolling a big 1842 set. Atria, however, was in a class by himself Wednesday night, rolling an enormous 1954, a 244.2 average on a very tough tournament shot.

    Second round leader Roger Bowker is second behind Ozio, and Johnny Petraglia holds the third spot in the Senior division going into the final Round of match play Thursday morning.

    "Interesting day today, the whole day. I used the most hooking ball I have today," said Ozio. "The lanes just got so tight you just have to go to a whole lot of ball. You start throwing medium stuff and you end up throwing the super hooking stuff," he said. "The lanes just got tighter and tighter all day long," he added.

    "Tonight was a dream," said Atria. "I used a ball I haven't used all week, and it made all the difference in the world in my carry. I think I bowled these 8 games better than I've bowled in quite a while," he said. It's a difficult condition, and I know I won last week, but I think I bowled better tonight. It feels pretty good," he added.

    Thursday morning, the final 8 games of match play will begin at 10am, followed by the first match of the top 8 stepladder finals at approximately 2 pm. The top six (3 from each division) will compete on the TV show Thursday night at 7pm.

    Senior Division (50-59) after 16 Games of Match Play (32 games overall)

    Classic Division (60+) after 16 Games of Match Play (32 games overall)

    Bowker bowls his way to top; Atria back on top in Classic division

    Yesterday Roger Bowker was determined to improve his performance in the first Round of match play over the past couple of weeks. Today, he accomplished his goal, winning 6 of his 8 matches to take over first place after round one. After losing in game two, he reeled off five straight victories and rolled a huge 289 in game 7 to take the lead.

    Qualifying leader Johnny Petraglia dropped to third with a 4-4 record, and David Ozio sits in second only 16 pins behind Bowker.

    "Today, I took a different look. I grabbed a different ball and played where I played last night and it worked," said Bowker. "Thinking of things to do the next day is the whole thing instead of just lining up where you were the day before or the day before that," he said. "Last week, I was searching for six games; today, I used two balls that didn't roll very good yesterday, and they were consistent from pair-to-pair," he added.

    Last week's GBT champion Vinnie Atria is back in charge in the Classic division. Atria posted a 5-3 match play record in the first round. Don Boyed held the second position he earned in qualifying, and qualifying leader Jim Brenner dropped to third, winning half of his matches Wednesday morning.

    "This week surprises me," said Atria. "Last week was my bread and butter. I got to play outside. This week they are really tough. This is a shotmakers condition," he said. "The back ends aren't strong and there's not a lot of area.

    I bowled real good today and pretty good yesterday, but I'm surprised I'm in the lead. I guess the guys in front of me had a little trouble, but I won a few matches and the bonus pins really help. This is a major and they are a little tough as they should be. I just hope I can keep my focus, and we'll see what happens," he added.

    Round two of match play begins Wednesday evening at 6pm, and round three will roll Thursday morning at 10am. After three rounds of matchplay are complete, the top 8 (four in each division) will advance to the stepladder finals.

    Senior Division (50-59) after 8 Games of Match Play (24 games overall)

    Classic Division (60+) after 8 Games of Match Play (24 games overall)

    Bowker claims Toledo Classic Qualifying Lead

    GBTLogo_small.jpg Roger Bowker finished second in the Generations Bowling Tour Jackson Open last week, and the momentum from that event carried him to the top of the leaderboard in the Toledo Classic, the GBT's first major event.

    Bowker rolled a big 1908 8-game total Tuesday night to pass morning leader Johnny Petraglia by 17 pins. He's averaging 229.9 for his first 16 games. He took command early by starting with games of 265 and 277 in the second round.

    "The first five games were pretty nice," said Bowker. "I brought in a no-flare ball from the car that worked pretty well. I just let the surface take the ball to the pocket instead of having a ball with a lot of flare that grabs the lane early," he said. "I'm throwing the ball decent, and when you're bowling good, everything just goes right," he added.

    Jim Brenner held on to the Classic division (60+) lead Tuesday, but Don Boyed, Columbus Grove, Ohio led Squad A with a fine 1771 on Tuesday night to claim the second spot. Brenner averaged 216 for the two qualifying rounds.

    "I had a slow start, but then found a ball in the third game that worked well," said Boyed. "I got a good roll on it, caught a couple of big games and just tried to stay clean after that," he said. Boyed is bowling in his first GBT event this week.

    Match play begins Wednesday for the top 14 Senior division bowlers and the top 10 Classic division players. Wednesday the top 24 will bowl 16 games of round-robin match play at 10 am and 6 pm. Round three of match play will start at 10 am Thursday morning, and the first Round of the top 8 will roll at approximately 2 pm. The top 6 will bowl in the televised finals at 7 pm Thursday evening.

    Senior Division (50-59) after 16 Games of Qualifying (Top 14 advance)

    Classic Division (60+) after 16 Games of Qualifying (Top 10 advance)