Ozio becomes first Generations Bowling Tour multiple champion


    Generations Bowling Tour #6

    GBT Johnny Petraglia Open title puts 'Wizard' over $50,000

    David Ozio, Beaumont, Texas defeated Frank Cascio, Tonawanda, New York 227-203 to win the GBT Johnny Petraglia Open to Benefit BVL at Brunswick Zone Carolier Lanes in N. Brunswick, New Jersey November 9. Ozio earned $13,500 for the victory, with $8,800 going to the runner up.

    "In these one game matches things have to go right, and I was a little worried about bowling on this end of the house," said Ozio. "I had all my worst games down here. The 227 was the highest game all week for me on lanes 5-6. I just told myself it was time to answer the call. I threw a few bad shots that I was not too proud of, but it worked out," he said.

    Ozio has been inspired to become the best GBT bowler this first season by the challenges he is facing with his wife Lisa and family as she battles breast cancer. "I talked to her this afternoon, and told her I was the leader," said Ozio. "and she said she would say a prayer for me that things would work out. I can't wait to call her and tell her they did."

    Cascio, a sales engineer for an industrial automation company, gave the GBT's #1 player a good match, but a 6-7-10 split in the 7th frame put him in a hole from which he couldn't recover. Ozio seized the moment with a double in frames 7-8 and three strikes in the 10th to seal the victory.

    "I was really tired," said Cascio. "I just couldn't wait for the match to end. I didn't have good footing and I was concerned I was going to foul. I tried my best, but I just kept raring up. This was a lot of games for me. I came here just wanting to cash. This is a real bonus," he said. This was Cascio's biggest bowling payday ever.

    In prior matches, Ozio defeated Roger Bowker in a hard fought match 255-247, and Cascio defeated Dale Eagle 218-191 to win the Classic division. The first two senior matches went to Bowker, as he beat Mike Henry 235-217, and Johnny Petraglia 224-191.

    In the first two Classic division matches, Henry Blough defeated Teata Semiz 236-183, and Cascio defeated Blough 215-153. The victory puts Ozio at $52,000 in winnings for the first six weeks of the new Generations Tour.

    "This is the place for senior players to be," said Ozio. "There is no way anyone should complain about not having anything to bowl in. There's plenty of competition here, and there's plenty of money to go around for everybody,"

    All week 50/50 raffles and a charity television match was held to raise money for Bowlers to Veterans Link. Johnny Petraglia is bowling's official spokesperson for the charity, and over $2,000 was raised for BVL from this event.

    Next week, the GBT moves to Sports Plus in Lake Grove, New York for the seventh stop of its inaugural eight city fall swing.

    2006 GBT Johnny Petraglia Open to Benefit BVL

    Championship Match
    David Ozio def. Frank Cascio, 226-203

    Senior Division- Stepladder Matches
    Match 3: David Ozio def. Roger Bowker, 255-247
    Match 2: Roger Bowker def. Johnny Petraglia, 224-191
    Match 1: Roger Bowker def. Michael Henry, 235-217

    Senior Division (50-59)

    Classic Division - Stepladder Matches
    Match 3: Frank Cascio def. Dale Eagle, 218-191
    Match 2: Frank Cascio def. Henry Blough, 215-153
    Match 1: Henry Blough def. Teata Semiz, 236-183

    Classic Division (60+)

    Ozio and Eagle top seeds in GBT Johnny Petraglia Open divisional finals

    David Ozio is the Generations Tour's #1 player, and Thursday night he will attempt to become the first two-time champion here at Brunswick Zone Carolier Lanes. Ozio averaged 240.2 and posted a 10-6 match play record. He shot 1888 for the final Round of match play.

    "I changed balls today and tried to get better carry," said Ozio. "My carry isn't good for the times I'm hitting the pocket, and when you're bowling these players on a good condition, you have to carry well to win. The last game was a good example when Johnny beat me. You have to strike to survive out here. Anything can happen in one game," he said.

    "I would love to be the first to win twice. Goodness gracious, I haven't done very well in the one game matches in the finals except in Toledo. The good Lord willing, I'll strike a little more than my opponents and win that second title," he added.

    Joining 'the Wizard' in the top 4 of the GBT Senior division finals will be Johnny Petraglia, Mike Henry and Roger Bowker.

    Dale Eagle dominated the Classic division and increased his lead in the final Round of match play, firing a huge 1968 in the last round, and 246 average for the final eight games.

    Eagle has won the classic division three times in the first five GBT events, but has yet to win a title. Frank Casio, Henry Blough and Teata Semiz will be Eagle's opponents in the finals Thursday evening.

    "I just cupped my wrist and held it on the side a little and just came right through it," said Eagle. "Get out there and try to make the best shots I can and just stay aggressive and get lined up quick. Thank God I keep getting this opportunity. Maybe tonight will be different," he said.

    Senior Division (50-59) after 16 Games of Match Play (32 games overall)

    Classic Division (60+) after 16 Games of Match Play (32 games overall)

    Ozio back on top in GBT Johnny Petraglia Open; Eagle keeps Classic Lead

    David Ozio found a favorite pair of lanes Wednesday night in the GBT Johnny Petraglia Open at Brunswick Zone Carolier. He started the first round of match play on lanes 23-24 with a 279. He finished on the same pair in game 8 with a 264.

    The final game sent him past Roger Bowker and qualifying leader Mike Henry into the lead after the first round of match play in the Johnny Petraglia Open to Benefit BVL. He is averaging 241.6, and won 5 of his 8 matches Wednesday night.

    "I've been scouting around the past couple of days and I went searching tonight for other balls, but I've determined I've only got one ball that Doan Moos layed out for me that works, so I just went back to it tonight," said Ozio. "I didn't do a very good job on the end pairs, but I sure liked 23 and 24. If I hadn't thrown a terrible shot in the 9th frame the last game, I could have shot 300," he said.

    Dale Eagle continued to lead the Classic division. He posted a 5-3 record in the first match play round for a 168 pin lead over Frank Cascio going into Thursday's final round. He is averaging 235.7 for the first 24 games of the event.

    "I tried to lower my speed and lay it down a little sooner tonight," said Eagle. "On a couple of pairs the dry part of the lane was hooking earlier, so I changed my rotation two or three times. When I got in trouble, I just frozen roped it to the pocket, and it worked," he said.

    Thursday, the final Round of match play will begin at noon, after which the top four from each division will advance to the stepladder finals beginning at 7 pm.

    Senior Division (50-59) after 8 Games of Match Play (24 games overall)

    Classic Division (60+) after 8 Games of Match Play (24 games overall)

    Henry and Eagle lead GBT Johnny Petraglia Open going into match play

    GBTLogo_small.jpg Mike Henry, Brunswick, Ohio is making himself at home BRC Zone Carolier in New Brunswick, NJ . He rolled a big 279 final game Tuesday to capture the number one spot after 16 games of qualifying in the GBT Johnny Petraglia Open . Mike is averaging 246.1 for the first two rounds.

    First round leader David Ozio dropped to third and is 33 pins behind Henry. Johnny Petraglia also passed Ozio by three pins to sit in second place. The cut to the top 8 in the Senior division was +493, a 230.8 average. Jim Zimmerman, Oakland, NJ got the 8th spot by only 4 pins ahead of Steve Ferraro, Kingston, NY.

    Ferraro and Roger Kossert cashed in 9th and 10th for $1000 each.

    "I had a very good look today," said Henry. "I bowled with David Ozio, and we were just going back and forth every game to see who the leader would be. I just carried a little better in the 8th game. I feel good about the next two days," he said.

    In the Classic division, Dale Eagle is still flying high with a 130 pin lead over second, which is held by Frank Cascio, Tonawanda, NY. Eagle is averaging 238.4 for the first 16 games.

    "I bowled good," said Eagle. "I just changed my roll today and lofted the ball a little when the lanes changed and started bowling good again. I got in trouble in the middle of the round and couldn't figure them out. I just had to figure it out. It hooked early and skidded out, but I got it back, and figured out the right roll and started carrying again," he said.

    Eighth place in the Classic division was a tie between Chuck Pierce and Grady Creasie at +392. In a one-game roll-off; Creasie advanced with a 218-204 victory.

    Matchplay begins at 6:00 pm Wednesday.

    Senior Division (50-59) after 16 Games of Qualifying (Top 16 advance)

    Classic Division (60+) after 16 Games of Qualifying (Top 8 advance)

    *Creasie def. Pierce in a one-game roll off for 8th place, 218-204.

    Ozio and Eagle lead scoring barrage in GBT Johnny Petraglia Open

    GBTLogo_small.jpg On Monday, the opening day of the 2006 Generations Bowling Tour Johnny Petraglia Open to Benefit BVL, the GBT's number one player, David Ozio, looked lost the first three games, and found himself in 19th place here at Brunswick Zone Carolier Lanes.

    In game four, he came alive and reeled off five spectacular games to capture the round one lead. Ozio finished with games of 259, 300, 258, 258 and 290 for a huge 1997 eight game total, a 249.6 average.

    "This was a very nice condition, but it's early in the tournament," said Ozio. "They will get tighter. I'll drill a ball to get ready for it. In the middle of the second game, I had a low blood sugar attack. I saw the squiggly lines and couldn't see my target, so I went and got some rock candy and some orange juice. Third game I didn't bowl very well, then it finally disappeared, and the last five games I just whacked 'em. I just got everything in order and shot 360 over for the last five games," he said.

    In the Classic division, Dale Eagle got his strikes mostly in the first three games, rolling a pair of 279's in games one and three. Eagle's 1935 total leads all 60+ bowlers in the first round. Eagle averaged 241.8 in round one. Eagle has finished second three times on the GBT fall swing.

    "The first three I just rolled the ball off my hand, and then I went to a ball with a higher pin and turned it a little and let it set," said Eagle. "I lost my reaction after three games, so I had to change my tilt a little. I've won my division three times, but I haven't been able to win that last game, but I really want to win," he said. "Maybe this week will be different."

    There were three 300 games and a 299 in the opening round. The 300's were rolled by Ozio, Mike Henry and event namesake Johnny Petraglia. In the Classic division, Brunswick Zone Carolier pro shop owner and Hall of Famer Teata Semiz rolled a 299 in his final game.

    Tuesday, round two of qualifying will roll at 12 noon, after which the field will be cut to the top 8 in each division of the match play finals.

    Senior Division (50-59) after 8 Games of Qualifying

    Classic Division (60+) after 8 Games of Qualifying