Eagle wins his first GBT title in East Providence Open


    Generations Bowling Tour #8

    E. Providence Lanes in E. Providence, RI (Nov. 17-21, 2006)

    2006GBT08DaleEagle.jpg It was a classic finish for the Generations Bowling Tour's inaugural Fall Swing – Dale Eagle defeated Johnny Petraglia 259-257 in a thrilling championship match at East Providence Lanes. Eagle earned $13,500 for the victory and Petraglia took home $8,800.

    In the title match, Eagle threw a seven-bagger in frames 3-9 playing the far outside line. Petraglia was also striking, getting a 4-bagger in frames 2-5 and finishing with five in a row, but it was the sixth and 7th that put him behind. He left a 6-10 and a 10 in those frames. When he struck out, he forced Eagle to get a strike in the 9th and a mark in the tenth for the win.

    The victory gave Eagle a total of $43,900 in earnings for the six GBT events he bowled on the fall swing. He was the number one player in the GBT Classic division and bowled for the title four times.

    "It's nice to win," said Eagle. "It's been a long time coming. I felt like I was a little overdue because I've done so well without winning on this tour. I just found the right roll for this pattern and I just had to make good shots to carry. Johnny made just one bad shot and I beat him. That's what happens on this pattern. Teata only made one bad shot. I guess it was just my turn. I love to win, and this was great. I just love to bowl and I thank God I can," he said.

    Petraglia also had a great week, winning the Senior division. He made the finals four consecutive weeks and earned $19,700 on the fall tour.

    "The game prior against Neff I thought I was dead," said Petraglia. "Whoever expected him to throw a 6-count? The last game was like a bonus for me. I can't be unhappy – I won my division, I shot back-to-back 250's, I made four finals in a row, and I got some nice checks before the holidays. What could be better," he said.

    In previous matches, Eagle defeated Classic leader Teata Semiz 248-243 and Grady Creasie 257-151. Petraglia, the Senior leader, beat Steve Neff 258-256 in the senior title match when Neff tossed a 6-count in the 10th needing only 8 for the win. Neff tied Hugh Miller in the prior match 226-226, and won the rolloff 20-19. In the opening matches of the 8-player finals, Neff defeated David Ozio 268-244 and Creasie defeated Henry Blough 216-213.

    The Generations Bowling Tour had seven different champions in its inaugural eight event swing, two from the Classic division, and one player with two victories, David Ozio. The tour will return after the holidays for its first Winter Swing in Florida in January.

    GBT East Providence Open - Championship Round

    E. Providence Lanes in E. Providence, RI (Nov. 17-21, 2006)

    Championship Match
    Dale Eagle def. Johnny Petraglia, 259-257
    Eagle earns $13,500, Petraglia gets $8,800.

    Senior Division (50-59)
    1. Johnny Petraglia, Manalapan, N.J., 258 (1 game)
    2. Steve Neff, Homosassa Springs, Fla., 750 ( games), $4,000
    3. Hugh Miller, Mercer Island, Wash., 226 (1 game), $2,000
    4. David Ozio, Beaumont, Texas, 244 (1 game), $1,550
    Playoff Results:
    First Match: Neff def. Ozio, 268-244
    Second Match: Neff def. Miller, 20-19 in roll-off after a 226-226
    Third Match: Petraglia def. Neff, 258-256

    Classic Division (60+)
    1. Dale Eagle, Tavares, Fla. 505 (2 games)
    2. Teata Semiz, N Brunswick, N.J., 243 (1 game), $4,000
    3. Grady Creasie, Olive Branch, Miss., 367 (2 games), $2,000
    4. Henry Blough, Elizabethtown, Pa., 213 (1 game), $1,500
    Playoff Results:
    First Match: Creasie def. Blough, 216-213
    Second Match: Eagle def. Creasie, 257-151
    Third Match: Eagle def. Semiz, 248-243

    Senior Division (50-59) after 12 Games of Match Play (28 games overall)

    Classic Division (60+) after 12 Games of Match Play (28 games overall)

    Petraglia stays atop Senior leaderboard in East Providence; Semiz rolls 300-277 to take Classic lead

    GBTLogo_small.jpg With six games to go, Johnny Petraglia and Teata Semiz are the GBT East Providence Open leaders at East Providence Lanes in E. Providence, R.I. In the first round of match play, Petraglia rolled a huge 1500 six-game series, a 250.0 average. He won four of his six matches despite having a low game of 234 rolled against him.

    "It was nice today, for me," said Petraglia. "I had a really good day. I went 4-2 which isn't too bad, and I'm in first so I've got nothing to complain about," he said.

    Semiz had back-to-back 250's in games two and three in the Classic division, then finished the block with a 300-277 for a big 1488, a 248.0 average.

    "I used a ball today I've never used the whole tournament," said Semiz. I shot 185 with it the first game, but the reaction was good, so I stayed with it. The 'sleeping pops' woke up! We'll just have fun in the last round and whoever makes it, makes it," he said.

    Petraglia has a 219 pin lead over Mark Roth with six games remaining, and Semiz leads Dale Eagle by 38 pins. The top four in each division will advance to the stepladder finals immediately following round two. The Senior and the Classic division leader will bowl for the title and $13,500 top prize. The runner-up will be consoled with $8,800.

    Senior Division (50-59) after 6 Games of Match Play (22 games overall)

    Classic Division (60+) after 6 Games of Match Play (22 games overall)

    Petraglia and Eagle stay ahead to lead GBT East Providence Open Qualifying

    2006GBT07JohnnyPetragliaDaleEagle.jpg Johnny Petraglia and Dale Eagle (l-r) kept striking Monday to keep the lead they earned in the GBT Providence Open round one. Petraglia averaged 233.0 for his 16 games of qualifying to lead the Senior division, and Eagle averaged 229.6 to lead the Classic group.

    The top six from each division advanced to the match play finals. Joining Petraglia in his division were David Ozio, Mark Roth, Hugh Miller, Mike Henry and Steve Neff.

    "Today the lanes were tighter, which sort of plays into my wheelhouse, because I always bowl better when they are tighter," said Petraglia. "I can just get slower and hit it harder. I moved my feet in four or five boards and pulled my eyes closer and just hit it twice as hard as yesterday. All those things are comfortable for me to do. When I have to move out, look longer and take my hand out of the ball, that's when I get in trouble, so this was a good day for me," he said.

    Joining Eagle in the Classic division match play round are Teata Semiz, Frankie May, Grady Creasie, Henry Blough and Dewayne Thompson. Eagle has won his division four times in seven weeks on the Generations Tour, but has yet to win the championship game bowling against the Senior division leader.

    "I just picked up my speed today and went more direct," said Eagle. "We'll see what happens in the match play, but sooner or later I may be fortunate enough to win one of these," he said.

    Tuesday, the round-robin match play will begin at 9am, with six games in the first round, and the final six games will begin at 2:30 pm. The top four in each division will bowl in a stepladder finals immediately following the second Round of match play.

    Senior Division (50-59) after 16 Games of Qualifying (Top 6 advance)

    Classic Division (60+) after 16 Games of Qualifying (Top 6 advance)

    Petraglia and Eagle shoot identical scores to lead GBT East Providence Open

    GBTLogo.jpg Petraglia, Roth, Ozio - all have become familiar names on the leaderboard in the new Generations Bowling Tour, and at the final stop of GBT's inaugural Fall swing, the GBT East Providence Open, they are 1, 2, 3 in the Senior division after round one.

    Johnny Petraglia averaged 232.3 for the first eight games at East Providence Lanes Sunday, posting an 1859 total. Petraglia rolled a 267 in game two and a 279 in game four to anchor his block. Only 10 pins behind is Mark Roth at 1849, and David Ozio is third at 1826.

    "It was a nice steady block," said Petraglia. "I had a nice shot to the pocket. It was a matter of finding the right ball to carry. I carried real well three games, the rest of them not so well, but I didn't get in any trouble so I came out with a good score. I was a little mentally fried after last week, so I spent a day of practice and tried to get my head back into the game, and today it went okay," he said.

    Dale Eagle also rolled a 279 in game six to accent his 1859 block, which leads the Classic division after round one, with an identical score of the Senior leader Petraglia. Eagle has an 84 pin lead over Teata Semiz. He has dominated the 60+ players on the GBT and attributes his success to versatility and staying in good physical condition.

    "I tried three different releases and two different balls today, and I finally figured out a roll where I could just scoop it onto the lane; just stay behind it, and scoop underneath," said Eagle. "I ended up playing off the gutter with good roll and a lot of speed, and it worked," he said.

    When asked how he has been able to dominate his age group, Eagle said, "Just changing things around. You have to be versatile to do well – go around it or play straight if you need to. It's been a good run. And I stay in shape. I exercise. I walk and do sprints to stay fit. That's what it takes," he said.

    Round two will roll at noon Monday, after which the field will be cut to the top 12 - six from each division - for match play.

    Senior Division (50-59) after 8 Games of Qualifying

    Classic Division (60+) after 8 Games of Qualifying