Malaysian women secure team gold with high score in the last game


    15th Asian Games

    Qatar Bowling Center in Doha, Qatar (Dec. 3-10, 2006)

    2006AsianGamesLogo.jpg Esther Cheah, Sharon Koh, Wendy Chai, Zandra Aziela and Shalin Zulkifli from Malaysia posted a 1223 score in the sixth and final game of the team event to secure the gold medal with 6555 pinfall total and an average of 218.50. The Malaysians set the pace on the second day with 3426 three-game total. Chai led the team on short oil with 730-series and overall with 1362.

    Defending champions Choi Jin A, Hwang Sun Ok, Gang Hye Eun, Kim Yeau Jin and Nam Bo Ra of Korea recovered from a disastrous first day on the long oil pattern (7th place, trailing leader Malaysia by 222 pins) and powered their way to the silver medal. The Koreans started the day with 1035 and 1218 and finally overtook Singapore to finish second with 1156 in game #6. The Koreans posted the second-highest block of 3409 for 6316 total, a 210.53 average.

    Jin A shot a 762-set (268, 246 and 248) for a 1347 series to lead the team to the silver medal and to claim the gold medal in All Events. Her teammate Kim Hyo Mi, who wasn't in the starting five, shot the highest six-game series of the event in one of the make-up teams with 1404 (234.0)

    Jennifer Tan, Cherie Tan, Evelyn Chan, Michelle Kwang and Valerie Teo from Singapore shot 3204 on the second day to take the bronze medal with 6239 (207.97). The spinners from China and Chinese Taipei slipped from second and third to fourth and seventh place on the short pattern, respectively.

    Women's Team event - Final Standings (G1-3 long oil, G4-6 short oil)

    Malaysian woman's team on course for more gold medals

    2006AsianGamesLogo.jpg Asian Games Singles champion Esther Cheah and her teammates Sharon Koh, Wendy Chai, Zandra Aziela and Shalin Zulkifli set the pace in the women's team event after three games on long oil with 3129 pinfall total and an average of 208.60. The Malaysians rolled games of 984, 1105 and 3129. Aziela led the team with 660.

    China with reigning World Championships Masters champion Yang Suiling, Zhang Chunli, Zhang Yuhong, Shen Yuye and Xu Lan sits in second place with 3102 (206.80), mere 27 pins behind the Malaysians. Suiling led the team with 667.

    Third place belonged to Chinese Taipei with 3-time World Champion Wang Yu Ling, Chien Hsiu Lan, Tsai Hsin Yi, Pan Yu Fen and Chou Miao Lin. Yu-Ling, Hsin Yi and Miao Lin were on the team that won the gold medal in the 2005 Women's World Championships. The spinners totaled 3072 pins, an average of 204.80.

    Defending champion and trios gold and bronze medalist Korea had a disastrous day and found itself in seventh place with sub-par 2907 and an average of 193.80, 165 pins off the medal pace. Nam Bo Ra led the team with 600 three-game total, a 200.00 average.

    However Bo Ra was far from being the best Korean in this event. Bowling in the make-up teams, the sixth Korean woman, Kim Hyo Mi, rolled games of 224, 277 and 226 for 727 pinfall total and an average of 242.33, the highest of all players.

    The 12 teams will return tomorrow for the second block on short oil.

    Women's Team event - Standings after the first block on long oil