Ebonite International donates balls to USBC for High School use


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    Inventory to benefit High Schools in need

    2006WYCEbonite110.jpg As bowling becomes more widely available as a varsity sport across the nation, more and more high schools are finding themselves without adequate funding to support these programs. In response to this, Ebonite International has donated more than 1,600 balls to the USBC for their distribution and usage by America's high school bowling population.

    "It's wonderful to see the ranks of today's high school programs growing exponentially each year," said Bob Reid, vice president of marketing for Ebonite International. "The problem with growth is the inevitable growing pains of needing funding for equipment, uniforms, coaches, tournaments and all the factors that are needed for a team to operate. It's our pleasure to use some of product we inherited in our acquisition of Columbia Industries to further support high school bowling through this partnership with the USBC."

    The USBC will coordinate the distribution of the balls to high schools across the nation. Programs that are interested in receiving balls, at no charge, should contact Jeanne Klescewski at 414-423-3383 for more information.

    Kevin Dornberger, chief officer of national governing body services at USBC, shared, "We were very pleased to accept this donation and thankful for this charitable work by the Columbia 300 brand of Ebonite International, Inc. Actually, we wish we had more warehouse space to offer even more balls and we hope to do more of this in the future."