Columbia 300 rolling off the lines in Hopkinsville


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    Brand begins manufacturing at new home under Ebonite International, Inc.

    Within two short months, Columbia 300 has made itself at home in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Chad Murphy, brand manager, announced recently that all remaining inventory that was part of the asset transaction has been transferred to Ebonite International, Inc.'s manufacturing facility and that the brand's signature White Dots are already rolling off the production lines with Scouts to come in the near future.

    ChadMurphyWhiteDot.jpg "We have eagerly anticipated the arrival of our inventory and, most importantly, the production of the first Columbia 300 balls in our new home," said Murphy. "Company-wide, the excitement levels are high and our entire team is thrilled to see the first balls of this new era come down the line. Columbia 300 is definitely at home and ready to get down to business."

    The picture shows Columbia 300’s brand manager Chad Murphy with new White Dots as they come off the line in Hopkinsville, the brand’s new home.

    Prior to Ebonite International's asset purchase of Columbia Industries, senior management in San Antonio initiated the production of White Dots in China. Because an inventory of White Dots from overseas were part of the transaction, the research and development team at Ebonite International's Hopkinsville facility thoroughly examined all inventory to confirm that these balls maintained the quality, color and pattern of White Dots manufactured in the United States. Now that the quality, color and pattern has been confirmed and approved, Columbia 300 may, from time to time, supplement its production of White Dots with balls from overseas.

    Murphy added that the brand began running White Dots immediately due to demand and that Scouts have been added to the manufacturing roster. Columbia 300's research and development team is already discussing concepts and design for the brand's complete product offering of balls from lower mid-range price points through high performance. All of these balls will be available for pro shops to test at Ebonite International's New Product Showcase at Bowl Expo in Las Vegas. The Showcase is scheduled for Tuesday, June 26 at Texas Station Casino.