Palermaa and Penny win 2007 EBT Rankings, defending champions Moor, Brøndsted finish second


    2007 European Rankings

    Most of the spots for the 2008 World Ranking Masters have already been decided

    2007WRMOskuPalermaa2_small.jpg 2007EBT16KirstenPenny_small.jpg Osku Palermaa (l.), Finland and Kirsten Penny (r.), England have secured the men's and women's European Ranking titles before the final event of the 2007 EBT season, the English Open, takes place in Nuneaton, England, from December 5-9.

    With maximum 50 ranking points for the winner of the English Open rankings at stake Palermaa and Penny are out of reach for the three-time defending champions Paul Moor, England, and Britt Bröndsted, Denmark.

    Both players overtook the lead in the rankings in the 4th Istanbul Bowling Open in April, where Palermaa won one of two EBT titles this season (the other came in the Brunswick Euro Challenge in Greece) and Penny claimed one of three victories in the women's ranking (others came in Catalonia and Ankara), and they never looked back.

    2007WRMOskuPalermaa_small.jpg Palermaa, who uses the two-handed style and finished second in the men's rankings in the two previous seasons, secured the victory with a third place finish in Naples, Italy. Palermaa totaled 727 ranking points out of 13 events including seven top 3 finishes - first (2), second (2) and third (3).

    Palermaa is just the third player, who won the men's European Ranking in its 8-year history. Gery Verbruggen, Belgium, won four consecutive titles in the years 2000-03 and Moor almost matched the feat winning the title in 2004-06.

    On the women's side, Penny made history as she ended the winning streak of Danish bowlers in the women's European Ranking. Kamilla Kjeldsen (2000, 2003), Bettina Lund (2001-02) and Brøndsted 2004-06, all from Denmark, dominated the women's rankings in the past seven years.

    Penny, a multiple European and World Champion, took played her first full season on the European Bowling Tour after taking two-year break. She sealed the victory with a 6th place finish in the women's rankings in Naples (40th place overall) to accumulate 686 ranking points in 13 events including three wins, two second places and a third, fourth and fifth place finish each.

    2007BWCPaulMoor_small.jpg 2007EBT18BrittBrondsted_small.jpg Both defending champions, Moor (left) and Brøndsted (right), will finish in second place. Moor trails Palermaa by 114 points while Brøndsted 106 points behind Penny.

    Martin Larsen, Sweden, will finish third in the men's ranking for the second consecutive year, while Ghislaine van der Tol, Netherlands, has secured the third place in the women's division.

    Robert Andersson, Sweden, World Ranking Masters champion Stuart Williams, England, who bowled in all but one EBT event this season cashing ranking points in each of them, Pasi Uotila, Finland, will determine places 4 though 6.

    Four players, 7. Yoan Alix, France, 323; 8. Kimmo Lehtonen, Finland, 284; 9. Dominic Barrett, England, 276; and 10. Jouni Helminen, Finland, 236, could battle it out for the two reaming spots for the 2008 World Ranking Masters in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    This is the situation before the English Open: Alix needs only 2 points, Barrett must overtake Lehtonen and needs 11 points to beat Helminen who could become 8th if Lehtonen gets one point or less and Barrett just nine.

    2007EBT18DominicBarrett_small.jpg 2006EBT15YoanAlix_small.jpg However, could be quite easy going for Alix (left) and Barrett (right) as Helminen has taken a break from the tour this fall, because he bought a 20-lane bowling center in Lahti this summer, which was opened on October 22. and Lehtonen, the reigning Ballmaster Open champ, hasn't bowled on the Tour since May.

    Mai Ginge Jensen, Denmark, currently in fourth place, has secured a spot in the women's top 8 with back-to-back runner-up finishes in the women's rankings in Vienna and Naples.

    The players from 5th through 9th place will battle it out for the remaining four spots for the 2008 World Ranking Masters. 5th placed Rikke Holm Rasmussen can only fall out of the top 8, if Nicole Sanders (9th) wins the rankings in England, and Kamilla Kjeldsen (8th) ends up second and Germans Tina Hulsch (7th) and Martina Beckel (6th) get 10 and 7 points more than Rasmussen, resp., and if Rasmussen gets herself only three or less points.

    For the first time the European Tenpin Bowling Federation presidium has added a European Masters to the 2008 schedule. The inaugural EBT Masters will end the 2007 EBT season in September 2008 in Ankara, Turkey. The top 16 men and the top 16 women of the 2007 EBT rankings will qualify for this event.

    Top 16 men after Oltremare
    1. Osku Palermaa, Finland, 727
    2. Paul Moor, England, 613
    3. Martin Larsen, Sweden, 534
    4. Robert Andersson, Sweden, 433
    5. Stuart Williams, England, 402
    6. Pasi Uotila, Finland, 381
    7. Yoan Alix, France, 323
    8. Kimmo Lehtonen, Finland, 284
    9. Dominic Barrett, England, 276
    10. Jouni Helminen, Finland, 236
    11. Dennis Eklund, Sweden, 223
    12. Nikolay Ovchinnikovs, Latvia, 216
    13. Leonidas Maragkos, Greece, 214
    14. Marcus Berndt, Sweden, 201
    15. Petteri Salonen, Finland, 187
    16. Jesper Agerbo, Denmark, 181

    Top 16 women after Oltremare
    1. Kirsten Penny, England, 686
    2. Britt Brøndsted, Denmark, 580
    3. Ghislaine van der Tol, Netherlands, 525
    4. Mai Ginge Jensen, Denmark, 426
    5. Rikke Holm Rasmussen, Denmark, 397
    6. Martina Beckel, Germany, 391
    7. Tina Hulsch, Germany, 388
    8. Kamilla Kjeldsen, Denmark, 361
    9. Nicole Sanders, Netherlands, 356
    10. Priscilla Maaswinkel, Netherlands, 308
    11. Zara Glover, England, 276
    12. Krista Pöllänen, Finland, 260
    13. Lotte Pedersen, Denmark, 257
    14. Piritta Kantola, Finland, 252
    15. Ivonne Gross, Austria, 246
    16. Nina Flack, Sweden, 243

    Men's rankings after 19 events

    Women's rankings after 19 events