Sharing Knowledge Right Up Her Alley By Lee Diekemper


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    Republished courtesy of The Tampa Tribune - Tampa, Fla. (Jan. 8, 2008)

    2007USBCSQLucySandelin_small.jpg It doesn't take a business degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania to determine why proprietors of bowling centers want bowlers to bowl better.

    The first is as old as sports: People who enjoy a certain sport want to see others excel at the same sport. But the other reason is that, generally, bowlers who bowl better become happy customers. And happy customers are repeat customers. And repeat customers means more money to those who run bowling centers.

    So it's not unusual to see bowling centers host seminars or classes to help bowlers improve their games. But few centers in the area will be able to boast a tutor or coach like Lane Glo Bowl.

    Tampa native Lucy Sandelin (pictured), a member of the Women's International Bowling Congress Hall of Fame, will be coaching bowlers - from novices to veterans - as part of a tutoring program with the center. The 12-week program begins tonight at 6.

    Sandelin is a 10-time member of Team USA. At age 19 she won the AMF World Cup in 1976 in, of all places, Tehran, Iran.

    Bowlers Journal magazine recently listed Sandelin as one of the sport's top 100 coaches.

    Sandelin said all facets of bowling will be included in the program at Lane Glo.

    "We're going to learn bowling equipment and learn the physical aspect of the game and lane play ... the entire game," she said.

    Sandelin also will stress the "mental aspect" of the game.

    Any bowler can participate, but Sandelin said the course targets bowlers who average from 120-150 a game.

    "It's about having more fun," Sandelin said. "And bowlers who have more fun are more likely to join a couple of more leagues and go out with their friends and bowl.

    "Bowling is for the whole family."

    Sandelin currently is a personal bowling tutor and will work with clients in various parts of the Bay area, including Pasco and Hillsborough counties. She loves the sport so much, she recently left her job as a payroll clerk to concentrate on bowling full-time.

    "I'm having a blast," Sandelin said. "This is what I want to do, helping people and changing lives."

    For more information, contact Lane Glo Bowl manager Judi Moore at (727) 376-1164. Or, Sandelin can be reached through her Web site at