Australian two-handed star Belmonte eagerly awaits international coach/instructor training seminar


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    2006MWCMastersJasonBelmonte.jpg Even at the young age of 24, two-handed phenom Jason Belmonte (pictured left) of Australia is well-versed knowing the importance of having elite bowling coaches scattered throughout the world.

    "We need more coaches in the world that are of a higher level," said Belmonte, the reigning World Tenpin Masters champion and runner-up at the 2007 QubicaAMF World Cup. "There just aren't enough people getting the correct information about how to become better bowlers."

    Belmonte and nearly 20 notable names in bowling from around the world will descend upon United States Bowling Congress Headquarters in suburban Milwaukee for an International Coach/Instructor Training seminar on Feb. 12-16.

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    Check here for live reports from Milwaukee commencing Tuesday, Feb. 12 through to the closing dinner on Saturday, Feb. 16.


    This seminar is a continuation of USBC's effort to assist in the creation of an international coach training program and enhance the strength of federations within bowling's world governing body, the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs (FIQ).

    The newly trained coaches will certify USBC coaches in their home countries and regions who in turn will develop more high-level bowlers. Those athletes will increase the level of bowling competition around the world, which will help reach the ultimate goal of securing a place for bowling in the Olympic Games.

    As it gains popularity throughout the world. Belmonte also hopes to lend some insight to the two-handed delivery - keeping two hands on the ball throughout the swing until the release, at which point being able to create a considerable amount of revolutions - and how to coach it, rather than discourage it.

    2007PAGCassidySchaub.jpg "Most who don't understand it, don't like it and that's cool. I can understand the traditionalist way of thinking," said Belmonte, who also will be joined at the seminar by another successful two-hander, Team USA 2007 member Cassidy Schaub (left).

    "All I want for people who do decide to bowl two-handed is that they have the option of talking to a coach who 'understands' the style, so they can help them. Two-handed bowling will never take over, but it may keep a few more kids in our sport for longer."

    The five-day event, portions of which will be conducted inside the eight-lane USBC Testing Facility, will feature a Silver coach certification program with USBC Gold coach, Master Instructor and Junior Team USA head coach Rod Ross followed by a Bronze Instructor session, where the attending coaches will learn how to teach the USBC Bronze certification conference and certify coaches in their home countries.

    Coaches in attendance also will have access to exclusive new coaching technologies being developed by USBC.

    2007BWCAndresGomez_small.jpg MagnusJohnson.jpg Other notables confirmed to participate include former PBA Tour player Andres Gomez (left) of Colombia, 2007 Pan American Games singles silver medalist Daniel Falconi of Mexico and long-time Sweden national team head coach Magnus Johnsson (right) as well as representatives from Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Denmark, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Singapore and Thailand.

    2007PaengNepomuceno2x300_small.jpg Also in attendance will be left-handed Philippine bowling legend Rafael "Paeng" Nepomuceno (left), a USBC Level I coach and Bronze Instructor who has certified numerous coaches throughout Asia since teaming up with USBC in early 2007. Nepomuceno, a four-time World Cup champion, will receive Silver Instructor training at the event.

    2007BWCDanielFalconi_small.jpg "Better coaches equal better bowlers, and good bowlers can motivate more people to bowl," said Falconi (right), who won the Masters gold medal at the 2005 American Zone Championships in Costa Rica. "It will help to change bowling's perception from a game to a sport. Having successful coaches in this clinic to share some information will make this experience more complete."

    The USBC Coaching program, which professionally trains and certifies coaches to teach the sport of bowling, currently has tremendous respect as it is the only coaching program for bowling recognized by the United States Olympic Committee. As part of its international strategy, USBC is developing more online coach training with the overall goal to expand USBC's reach globally through information and education.


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