Pennsylvanians hit the lanes to bowl for their candidate


    BPAA News

    Bowling Proprietors Association of Pennsylvania hosts statewide voting "Bowl-Off" across 130 centers

    Inspired by Senator Hillary Clinton's April Fool's Day bowling challenge to Senator Barack Obama, the Pennsylvania Bowling Proprietors' Association (PABPA), in tandem with Strike Ten Entertainment - the marketing arm of the national Bowling Proprietors' Association of America (BPAA), today announced a state-wide "Bowl Your Vote" challenge that will be executed across more than 130 bowling centers.

    On April 11, 12, and 13, and timed to the Democratic Presidential primary, state residents who bowl at PABPA centers will be able to vote for their candidate by donating their pin scores. The PABPA also invited Senators Clinton and Obama to cast their own bowling votes and offered to provide bowling lessons to both candidates. Senator Obama, in particular, may need the help - Clinton's initial challenge was levied after Obama bowled a dismal score of 37 - in seven frames - at a center in Altoona, PA. "Bowling is a proud part of our state's culture and heritage, and we're inviting the great people of Pennsylvania to take to the lanes to 'bowl their vote,'" said Jack Minelli, President of the PABPA. "We're also extending offers to Senators Clinton and Obama to score some 'delegate pins' and receive lessons from some of Pennsylvania's finest home grown bowlers." Before April 16, Pennsylvania bowlers will have an opportunity to enter their pin tallies to support the candidate of their choice in a customized vote tracker Web link ( A list of participating centers, as well as additional information, can be located at "'The Bowl Your Vote Challenge' is a fun and original way to help predict the winner of the upcoming Democratic primary," said James Sturm, Chairman of Strike Ten Entertainment. "You may be surprised - our final pin tallies could be more accurate than some of the media predictions and Gallup poll results."