Ebonite International creates new coaching, bowler development program under the Powerhouse® brand


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    Industry Veteran Brian Chilcutt to lead initiative

    2008EboniteBrianChilcutt.jpg Ebonite International has announced that the company has restructured the Powerhouse® brand in order to put additional resources behind bowling coaching and bowler development programs. Veteran coach and pro shop operator, Brian Chilcutt (pictured), has accepted this new position with the Powerhouse™ brand. In that capacity, he will oversee the company's bowling and bowler development initiatives as well as the Powerhouse™ Pro Shop Equipment and Pro Shop Training Clinic businesses.

    "In today's business, qualified bowling coaches are a necessity, not a luxury. Without coaches, bowlers have no way of improving and therefore no desire to remain in the sport," said vice president of marketing Bob Reid. "By adding coaching and bowler development to the charter of our Powerhouse™ brand, we are making an even further commitment to our great sport.

    "Brian Chilcutt is the ideal person to lead our brands, and really the entire industry, in the creation and implementation of programs, events, educational courses and other initiatives that will truly build better bowlers. He has proven experience in the organization and promotion of targeted programs on the pro shop and bowler levels and it's those successes that will help him lead the new Powerhouse™ brand in its coaching and bowler development plans."

    Chilcutt, a Gold certified coach who has been named a "Top 100" coach by Bowler's Journal magazine for the past three years, has worked in every capacity of the bowling business from pro shop manager to lane technician to sales and event coordination. His shop, Striking Difference Pro Shop inside Hawthorn Lanes in Vernon Hills, Illinois, hosts week-long bowling camps, bowling workshops, special events and other promotions.

    Chilcutt is intimately familiar with BowlersMAP™ Gold and uses the software when instructing students. He is also a ball review analyst for the local and national media and often pens articles and bowling tips for publication. Chilcutt has earned industry-wide respect for his ability to match up the correct combinations of ball speed, rotation, ball layouts, ball surface and lane playing techniques for various conditions and bowler styles. He is currently serving a three-year term on the IBPSIA Board of Directors.

    "Better coaching is the result of better information and training. Better bowlers are the result of better coaching. The two go hand-in-hand," shared Chilcutt. "I'm not surprised that Ebonite International has decided to put its full resources behind these efforts. They are innovators in so many ways that it just makes sense that they will be the ones to blaze a trail towards a better bowling environment for everyone…bowlers, pro shops, bowling centers, manufacturers and distributors.

    "It's an honor to be chosen for this position. It's a responsibility that I do not take lightly and to which I will completely devote all my talents and skills. We're out to build better bowlers, and better pro shops and to do so on a very large scale."

    Chilcutt has relocated to the Hopkinsville area and can be reached at bchilcutt@powerhousebowling.com or 270-881-1200.