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    Three month ago, 21 of the world's best coaches and players from 16 countries went through an extensive coaching program in the first International Coach/Instructor Training seminar hosted by the United States Bowling Congress at the USBC Headquarters in Milwaukee, Wis.

    Read all about the International Coach/Instructor Training seminar here.

     After five days of instruction in the class-room and inside the eight-lane USBC Testing Facility and working with students on the lanes, Andres Gomez, Colombia; Andrew Frawley, Australia; Cassidy Schaub, United States; Christer Backe, Sweden; Daniel Falconi, Mexico; Erik Garder, Norway; Ernesto Avila, Mexico; Foong Tak Meng, Malaysia; Holloway Cheah, Malaysia; Jason Belmonte, Australia; Juliano Olivera, Brazil; Kazuhide Shimoji, Japan; Kim Eui Young, Korea; Magnus Johnsson, Sweden; Marcio Vieira, Brazil; Paeng Nepomuceno, Philippines; Pedro Merani, Argentina; Sandy Lowe, Canada; Steve Innins, England; Thomas Tybl, Austria; and William Woo, Singapore, received their USBC Silver Coaching Certification which allows them to teach Bronze coaching conferences and certify new USBC coaches in their home countries and regions.

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    2008ICSWilliamsGarberMonce.jpg 2008USBCRodRoss2.jpg The seminar was held by USBC Silver Coaching Certification by USBC gold coach, master instructor and Junior Team USA head coach Rod Ross (left), USBC Bronze Instructor training by USBC's Rich Williams, David Garber and Bill Monce (right picture, l-r) and the introduction of exclusive new coaching technologies developed by USBC by USBC Technical Director Neil Stremmel and USBC Research Engineer Paul Ridenour.


    The seminar is part of the USBC effort to create an international coach training program and bolster the strength of federations within bowling's world governing body, the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs (FIQ).

    As part of that international strategy, USBC also plans to develop more online coach training, with the overall goal to expand USBC's reach globally through information and education. All this is in line with the continued efforts of USBC to secure a spot for the sport of bowling in the Olympics.

    WTBAPresidentKevinDornberger.jpg "The vision of this project is for more coaches and athletes to get the vital bowling information that they need, delivered from reputable international coaches," said Kevin Dornberger (pictured), who is the President of the World Tenpin Bowling Association and the Chief Operating Officer of the United States Bowling Congress, two of the most powerful positions in our sport.

    "Developing elite athletes throughout the world is crucial to the sport's future. Having knowledgeable coaches in place throughout the world is an important step in developing the future champions in bowling."

    Thanks to BowlTV we can offer you five videos featuring some of the international silver level coaches as well as USBC's Neil Stremmel discussing technology and the exciting possibilities for the future of our sport.


    In "International Coaching" you will learn more about the International Coach/Instructor Training seminar and the participants who journeyed to Wisconsin. "Aussie Rules" features Australian phenom Jason Belmonte discussing his two-handed bowling style. "Swedish Legend" is an interview with legendary Swedish national bowling coach Magnus Johnson. Philippine bowling star and USBC coach/ambassador Paeng Nepomuceno talks about bowling's Olympic dream in "Eyes on the prize". "Bowling's future is now" says USBC Vice President - National Governing Body Neil Stremmel and discusses how new technology USBC has developed aims to grow the sport of bowling.