Gomez calls first USBC Bronze Coaching Certification seminar in Spanish in South America a complete success



     USBC Silver Level Coach Andres Gomez, Colombia, has conducted the first USBC Bronze Coaching Certification seminar in Spanish in South America from May 16-18, 2008 at Cosmic Bowling Center in Quito, Ecuador

    "More than 30 people participated in the clinic," Gomez told Bowlingdigital. "It was a complete success. They were all approved the Level I and II courses. Three coaches were certified as USBC Bronze Coaches."

    The picture shows Gomez (front row, in the center) with the participants of the first USBC Bronze Coaching Certification seminar in South America. Click on the image to enlarge it.

    The first USBC Bronze Coaching Certification seminar in South America was an intermediate level of training and certification designed for individuals wanting to increase their coaching skills, as well as learning how to read the lanes and adjust to transition.

    20080518GomezBronzeLevelCoaches.jpg The Bronze Level Certification conference focused on coaching fundamentals including pedagogy of coaching, fine tuning the physical game, lane play (adjustments), lane conditions, mental game, components of the bowling ball, dynamics of ball motion, videotaping and video analysis.
    L-R Certified USBC Bronze Coaches - Fabian Barriga, Xavier Pesantez and Mauricio Proano.

    For his next seminar, Gomez, a long-time member of the Colombia national team and former PBA exempt player, will return to his home country. "I will be in Bogota, Colombia, to run the same USBC Bronze Level Clinic from June 25 to 26," Gomez stated. "I'll be in Venezuela in July and in August I'm going to Spain," he added.

    Contact Andres Gomez for further details:
    Email: andresgomez@hotmail.com

    20080518GomezBronzeLevelClinic2.jpg Gomez was one of the 21 international coaches, who received their USBC Silver Coach certification during an exclusive seminar hosted by the United States Bowling Congress in February 2008.

    The class went through an extensive coaching program featuring USBC Silver Coaching Certification by USBC gold coach, master instructor and Junior Team USA head coach Rod Ross, USBC Bronze Instructor training by USBC's Rich Williams, David Garber and Bill Monce and the introduction of exclusive new coaching technologies developed by USBC by USBC Technical Director Neil Stremmel and USBC Research Engineer Paul Ridenour.

    20080518GomezBronzeLevelClinic3.jpg This USBC Silver Coaching Certification allows them to teach Bronze coaching conferences and certify new USBC coaches in their home countries and regions.

    Gomez' training is part of the USBC effort to create an international coach training program and bolster the strength of federations within bowling's world governing body, the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs (FIQ - bowling's world governing body). All this is in line with the continued efforts of USBC to secure a spot for the sport of bowling in the Olympics.