USBC Coaching certifies 34 bowling coaches in Thailand



    By Patrick Brettingen, USBC Communications

     Continuing to pursue its goal of advancing the sport of bowling worldwide, the United States Bowling Congress certified 34 new Level I and Bronze coaches in Thailand. The Level I and Bronze certification conference was held May 21-24 at SF Strike Bowl Ngamwongwan in Bangkok, site of the upcoming 2008 Men's World Championships in August.

    Coaches from Thailand, Jordan and Hong Kong attended the seminar with the assistance of the Thai Tenpin Bowling Congress.

    A class of 34 new USBC Level I and Bronze certified coaches line up on graduation day after a USBC Coaching certification course in Bangkok, Thailand, May 21-24 at SF Strike Bowl Ngamwongwan. Click on the images to enlarge.

    The training started with presentation of the USBC Level I program to build a basic foundation of bowling knowledge. Topics covered in the classroom presentations included bowling safety awareness and etiquette, terminology of the sport and playing field, equipment basics, fundamental physical and mental game concepts and other coaching principles.

    Following Level I training, the staff transitioned to the USBC Bronze program. This more complex training included presentations to develop coaching skills in the four essential areas of bowling, including the physical game, lane play, equipment and the mental game. Coaches learned to develop a good coaching philosophy, the art of teaching, a strong focus on understanding the mental game, a comprehensive analysis of bowling ball components and motion, details of the physical game and lane play. In addition, the coaches worked with students on the lanes and were trained in videotaping a bowler's performance and analyzing the video. Instruction on giving lessons also was covered.

     "The course went extremely well," said USBC Coaching Specialist and USBC Silver coach Bill Monce, who was assisted by USBC Bronze coach, 2007 QubicaAMF World Cup champion and USBC Board member Bill Hoffman. "All the coaches were very eager to learn our coaching theory."

    Monce and Hoffman spent a significant amount of time stressing that coaches must understand that students develop their bowling skills at different rates.

    USBC coaches and instructors Bill Monce, far left, and Bill Hoffman, far right, lead a classroom presentation during the USBC Level I and Bronze coaching certification conference in Bangkok, Thailand.

    "Many of the coaches attending the course have followed very strict timelines for player development," Monce said. "Bill and I emphasized that each player will develop at a different rate and the need to customize training for each player based on their ability level."

    One of the attendees, Ricky Leung of Hong Kong, praised the comprehensive and advanced curriculum of the USBC Coaching course and will put his knowledge and skills to work in his group and individual coaching lessons.

    "The course is open, interactive and rich in material," Leung said. "It brought some new ideas to us, which is especially important in today's bowling environment. After taking the course, I can now answer my students' questions with confidence."

    Not only is the program material exceptional, the convenience of having USBC Coaching certification courses available at home to aspiring coaches in Southeast Asia is a great opportunity, Leung said.

    "Otherwise, I believe that all Asian bowlers need to fly a long way to the United States to take the course," he said. "This opportunity helps us to save both money and time."

    The goal of certifying more USBC coaches like Leung is to develop bowlers and coaches in Thailand more quickly and grow the sport there, Monce said.

    "The Thai Tenpin Bowling Congress takes training their athletes very seriously," Monce said. "Level I and Bronze training will provide them with the foundation to develop both their coaches and their players at a faster rate."

    Thailand training part of USBC international coach training effort

    The Thailand workshop is the latest in a succession of successful USBC international coaching certification conferences. During the past 15 months or so, dozens of new Level I and Bronze coaches have been certified by USBC in Guatemala, Belgium, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and Ecuador.

    The far reach of this global coach training is evident with conferences, for example, in Guatemala and Belgium in 2007. A total of 20 Level I and 18 Bronze coaches were certified during a four-day coach training seminar in Guatemala City, Guatemala, in March 2007. Later in the year, several Level I and Bronze coaches were trained and certified at Real Bowl in Belgium.

    "The training seems to have created a closer bond or togetherness among the coaches," said Muriel Van Langenhove, one of five of Belgium's national team coaches that attended the certification course.

    2008ISCPaengNepomuceno.jpg USBC Silver Coach, Instructor and Ambassador Rafael "Paeng" Nepomuceno has trained and certified more than two dozen coaches in the Philippines and Asia. In addition, Costas Mitsingas of Cyprus earned his USBC Gold certification in 2007 under the mentorship of USBC Gold coach Richard Shockley.

    The global initiative is part of the USBC effort to create an international coach training program and bolster the strength of federations within bowling's world governing body, the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs. As part of that international strategy, USBC also plans to develop more online coach training with the overall goal to expand USBC's reach globally through information and education. All this is in line with the continued efforts of USBC to secure a spot for the sport of bowling in the Olympics.