Coaches gain experience in athlete development drills course


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    Ball fitting course a success

    20080623USBCDrillsCourse1.jpg April Treichel knows that a good bowling coach never stops learning.

    So the USBC Silver coach and bowling coach at Cambridge/Isanti (Minn.) High School made the trip to Orlando, Fla., for the USBC Coaches Summit and in particular, the Athlete Development Drills class.

    USBC coach and instructor Rich Williams, left, led the Athlete Development Drills course June 22 at AMF Sky Lanes in Orlando, Fla.

    "It's been a few years since I've taken a coaching class and I wanted to refresh my skills and pick up a couple of new ideas," said Treichel, who also coaches youth bowlers at Junction Bowl in Isanti.

    Treichel was one of several coaches who attended the Athlete Development Drills course at AMF Sky Lanes in Orlando on June 22.

    The five-hour, on-lanes session covered a series of USBC training drills primarily for high school and collegiate coaches to help their young athletes improve their timing, balance, finish position and release. USBC Master Instructor and Silver coach Rich Williams and USBC Coaching Specialist and Silver coach Stephen Padilla taught the course.

    The course features 29 different drills that focus on the idea that the foundation of a bowler's technique is achieving a loose arm swing.

    "This course is refreshing me on getting (youth bowlers) a relaxed arm swing, not overpowering their shots and methods to teach them to not muscling the ball," Treichel said. "It builds on what I've learned before."

    20080623USBCDrillsCourse2.jpg USBC Bronze coach Hendrik Motzer of Germany attended the class to help bowlers and coaches in his centers back home.

    "I coach in a club in one of the bowling centers," he said. "I want to help out people who in my center who get their coaching lessons to other (coaches) so they can help players."

    Hendrik Motzer of Germany, left, and Grand Canyon University (Phoenix) women's bowling coach Ron Reddic, right, perform the "extend and catch" drill.

    The drills may come in handy for Motzer on a personal level, as he now coaches his 15-year-old daughter, Nadine, who has high aspirations in the sport.

    "My daughter's focus is making the national youth team," Motzer said.

    Ball fitting course a success

    20080623USBCDrillsCourse3.jpg Bowling coaches gained new insight to help their students in the USBC Basic Fitting and Pro Shop Skills for Coaches course on June 22 at the International Plaza in Orlando.

    Led by USBC Coaching Specialists and USBC Silver coaches Bill Monce and Bryan O'Keefe, the session covered basic skills in bowling ball fitting and grip analysis. The seminar was designed to help coaches let their students know if they have the proper ball fit and how minor adjustments can be made for the proper feel of a bowling ball.

    Lucy Sandelin, right, opens a thumb hole with a hand sander under the tutelage of USBC Coaching Specialist and USBC Silver coach Bryan O'Keefe during the USBC Basic Fitting and Pro Shop Skills for Coaches session on June 22.

    Coaches learned how to properly use a bevel tool, tape and a hand sander to open up a thumb hole. The class covered ball surface maintenance, such as sanding a ball on a spinner using Abralon pads and polishing a ball to alter reaction and break point, resurfacing a ball and extracting oil from a ball.