Nepomuceno continues his efforts to train bowling coaches on a global scale



     Paeng Nepomuceno, a USBC International Bowling Ambassador, just concluded a Silver certification seminar in Hong Kong for none coaches exclusive for the chain of Very Pro Shops in Hong Kong.

    This is Paeng's second Silver conference seminar for the year and this is also only the second time that a USBC Silver seminar was held outside the United States. The historic first silver certification was held in Manila, Philippines last May.

    Back row left to right- Hui Mau Kai Rocky,Chu Chi Hang Eddy,Lam Yau Shing, Sylvia Kong, Paeng Nepomuceno, Ching Yiu Pun Ben and Chung Wai Kit Mo.
    Front row standing are: Chang Kwok Ying Agnes, Chan Yick Ting Joey and Sung Man Yiu Hiddi. Click on the image to enlarge it.

    The three-day seminar was held last July 21-23 at Olympian Super Fun Bowl in Kowloon, Hong Kong and was unique because it was completely translated to Chinese by two of the participants, Sylvia Kong, a physical education major and member of the Hong Kong National Team and assisted by Bronze coach and now Silver Coach Ben Ching.

    "The task, I am told, was made particularly difficult because there are some English terms that have no Chinese equivalent," said Nepomuceno, who has completed four seminars in a three-month span. "I had to pause every other phrase for the translation and sometimes the pauses were longer if a concept was a little bit difficult to grasp.

    "Still, the group passed with flying colors and I think they were pleased because there is another group from the Hong Kong Bowling Congress who want to book for September or October. Bowling is alive and well, I am happy to report, in Hong Kong." The New Silver coaches are : Hui Mau Kai Rocky,Chu Chi Hang Eddy, Lam Yau Shing Eddy, Sylvia Kong, Ching Yiu Pun Ben, Chung Wai Kit Mo, Cahng Kwok Ying Agnes, Chan Yick Ting Joey ans Sung Man Yiu Hiddi.

    Paeng's next USBC Level One and Bronze will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on August 1-3. This is the first time that Indonesia will be hosting a USBC seminar.

    Paeng will also hold his second tri-level USBC Seminar this year from August 13-20. He will be holding a Level one and Bronze from Thursday- Saturday,August 14-16, with the Silver Level seminar to follow from Sunday through Tuesday,August 17-19,2008.

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    The coaches Nepomuceno trains and certifies through the USBC program will develop bowlers in the region, some of whom could become top-level competitors.