Shalin earns her spurs By Rajes Paul



    Republished courtesy of Malaysia Star - Malaysia (Aug. 28, 2008)

    20080828ShalinZulkifli.jpg Shalin Zulkifli has etched yet another success story in her bowling career by taking up a prominent role in the World Tenpin Bowling Association (WTBA).

    She is now a member of the WTBA coaching and technical committee, a post rarely given to a female bowler.

    Last weekend, she attended the first committee meeting in Bangkok to discuss the rules and format and current trends in the world of bowling. She came out of it refreshed and inspired to make changes.

    The 30-year-old professional bowler also sees her exposure to the coaching set-up of the world body as a first big step towards becoming a calibre coach for Malaysia.

    "It is a great honour to be in the committee. Only three of the 11 members are bowlers and I am the only female. I represent the voices of bowlers in the world," said Shalin. "The committee have come out with several proposals and we will put it into motion at the next WTBA Congress.

    Pictured: Shalin also grooms youngsters at her bowling alley.

    "I learnt a lot. I am able to put forward ideas and opinions of the other bowlers ... on what they want as far as the coaching and the format of competitions are concerned.

    "I was probably chosen to be in the committee because I am quite vocal about all these things. The knowledge (gained in being in the committee) will come in handy when I decide to concentrate on coaching."

    Shalin added that she has had her hands full since going into professional bowling.

    She has been invited to compete in the Korean pro league from Sept 20-26. Usually, only the top men's players are invited to play in the league.

    "It is an honour to get to bowl in the Korean pro league for the first time. My life has suddenly become so interesting," said Shalin, who also coaches youngsters at her bowling alley at the Curve in Damansara.

    "There are so many opportunities out there for me to further improve myself as a bowler. I am really enjoying it. I feel like I have come a full circle in my bowling career."

    After the Korean trip, Shalin will head for the United States. She has won exemption to compete in the Professional Bowling Association (PBA) women's Pro Tour, which begins in October.