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    TeamUSALogo_small.jpg 2007USBCGoldKenYokobosky_small.jpg Improve your game with instruction from bowling's elite athletes. In this exclusive online series, Team USA members Diandra Asbaty, Lynda Barnes, Derek Eoff and Stefanie Nation, and Team USA coach Ken Yokobosky (pictured) cover the basics and go over more advanced bowling techniques and strategies.


    • Introduction - Diandra Asbaty gives welcome message for tips series
    • Proper Fit (Conventional grip) - Ken Yokobosky on conventional grip
    • Proper Fit (Finger tip grip) - Ken Yokobosky on finger tip grip
    • Safety - Basics on proper way to pick up a bowling ball
    • Lane Courtesy - Lynda Barnes on importance of lane courtesy
    • Starting Position - How to find the proper starting point on the approach
    • Glow Bowling - Bowlers are encouraged to have fun in non-competitive atmosphere
    • Stance - Stefanie Nation on setting up properly in the stance
    • High-Light Adjustment - Derek Eoff on making adjustments for high and light hits
    • Lay Down and Loft - Diandra Asbaty on using loft to increase skid
    • Team Play - Four Team USA members discuss key aspects of working as a team
    • Traditional vs. two-handed approach - The two styles are demonstrated and compared
    • Timing (Four-step approach) - The timing of Stefanie Nation’s approach is analyzed
    • Timing (Five-step approach) - The timing of Diandra Asbaty’s approach is studied
    • Timing (Six-step approach) - The timing of a Derek Eoff is examined
    • Spare shooting - Stefanie Nation on secrets to spare shooting
    • Push - Lynda Barnes demonstrates the push away
    • Pre-Shot Routine - Diandra Asbaty and Derek Eoff discuss their pre-shot routines

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