13 coaches earn Bronze certification at Dublin conference



     Thanks to the hard work of USBC International coach and instructor Steve Ininns, England (front row, third from the left), 13 new names recently were added to the list of USBC Bronze coaches.

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    The addition came as a result of the highly-successful Bronze conference Ininns conducted at the A-L-S-A-A Bowling Complex in Dublin, Ireland, Dec. 6-7.

    Like all USBC Coaching conferences, this event featured both classroom instruction and on-the-lanes, practical activities, providing participants with a well-rounded experience that enhanced all facets of their collective coaching skill sets.

     "Saturday was a long day spent in the classroom, but the information seemed to be well received," Ininns said. "It was clear that the coaches had put some preparation time into their bowling studies because there were lots of stimulating questions and a real thirst for more knowledge.

    Pictured right: Coaches listen intently to their instructor and provide feedback during the classroom portion of the conference.

    "Sunday was a bitterly cold day outside, but things were buzzing on the lanes as the coaches confidently presented their skills and knowledge during the practical assessment. After that, there was just enough time to present their findings before starting the exam."

    All members of the 12-man, 1-woman group passed the examination, giving them their Bronze certification and marking a fitting close to a very successful weekend of coaching activities.

     "I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and feedback was really positive," Ininns said. "I look forward to working with the Irish Tenpin Bowling coaches during future seminars."

    Pictured left: Coaches discuss proper ball fitting and layout principles during the on-lane, practical segment of the USBC Bronze conference at A-L-S-A-A Bowling Complex in Dublin, Ireland, Dec. 6-7.

    USBC High Performance Director David Garber also is looking forward to those seminars.

    "Steve Ininns is an excellent coach and instructor who has done a great deal to help the sport of bowling," Garber said. "We look forward to working with him again in the future because we know that his conferences will help coaches and bowlers all over the world."