Successful Malta clinic by world renowned coach Brian Voss



    Republished courtesy of Malta Independent Online - Malta (Dec. 13, 2008)

    2006BrianVoss.jpg November saw the first ever visit to Malta of top US tenpin bowler and first class coach Brian Voss, who carried out an intensive week long coaching clinic at the Eden SuperBowl. The clinic was a huge and popular success among local bowlers, who were given the chance to be taught by one of the world's best in their chosen sporting discipline.

    Thanks to an initiative by the Malta Tenpin Bowling Association, bowlers of all abilities benefitted from free group sessions with Voss, who expertly scrutinized their game and was able to pick up on even the most minor of flaws, and correct it with simple adjustments to the individual's stance, position or approach as they make their shot.

    Voss utilises the latest bowling technology in his coaching methods, instantly uploading video footage of each student onto a laptop, using purposely designed software to draw bowlers' attention to what part of their motion and action needs adjusting, comparing them on-screen to a number of today's bowling greats to further illustrate his teachings. All this is done during the actual training sessions so that bowlers can immediately adjust and see the effects of Voss's advice there and then.

    The MTBA are already looking at the possibility of a return trip in 2009 for Mr. Voss, who was well impressed with what he found on this his first visit, commenting, 'I had a wonderful time in Malta. It was a pleasure working with the island's athletes. They were very responsive and enthusiastic in learning the necessary skills to elevate their game. Everything was wonderful.' he continued, 'The people were extremely friendly, and the nightlife is unsurpassed! I can't wait to come back already'.

    BrianVoss.jpg Voss (right) has enjoyed an extremely successful career as a player, winning his first ever Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) tour title in 1983, and the PBA National Championship in 1988, when he was also named the PBA Player of the Year.

    In fact, between 1987 and 1998 Brian managed an incredible winning streak of at least one PBA title in twelve consecutive seasons. More recently, 2008 has seen Voss being inducted into the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Hall of Fame on the very first ballot, having already been a member of the PBA Hall of Fame since 1996.

    The MTBA were assisted in bringing Voss to Malta by the Eden SuperBowl and the InterContinental Hotel, and are supported by the Malta Olympic Committee.