Finnish professional bowling coaches launch "Bowling ABC" website


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    SporternetJuhaMajaPirittaKantola2.jpg Sporternet Ltd., a Finnish company producing sport software and devices for coaches and athletes, has launched a commercial website, where bowling technique is taught via videos. "Bowling ABC", contains more than 100 video clips telling "the secrets" of coaching methods and systems used by Finnish National Teams.

    Pictured left: Sporternet coaches Piritta Kantola and Juha Maja.

    At the moment Sporternet employs professionals bowling coaches as well as IT and media specialists.

    Juha Maja, CEO of Sporternet Ltd., had the idea for "coaching through the web" several years ago, when he was coaching the Finnish Youth National Teams. The players were spread all over the country and communication and control of the practice was difficult and slow.

    In addition the youngsters were not very good in writing diaries and filling out the coaching sheets. Maja was looking for a more interesting and more effective way of coaching.

    "The goal of these video clips is to give a good idea of effective bowling execution, where speed, rotation and accuracy appear as a result of smart body positioning and motion," Maja explained.

    "Each and every practice is shown on a video and explains how to do it correctly. There are also several clips of trouble-shooting and help for the most common problems."

    "According to the recent 'Media 2008 Survey' by KNT Media, people between 15 and 30 years of age spend 50% of their time while in the internet looking for videos and pictures," Maja added.

    "That strengthens our idea of making an online coaching service. Our motto is 'If you can't beat them, join them', in other words: We try to make the time people spent in the internet - which I think is way too much - more useful."

    Sporternet is based in Kuortane, Finland, and works in closely with Kuortane Olympic Training Center and Kuortane Bowling Training Center, , the only bowling training center in Europe. All material for the videos has been done at Kuortane Bowling Training Center.

    According to Maja, Sporternet has already made a contract with the Finnish Bowling Federation that "Bowling ABC" will be used by all Finnish national teams.

    At Bowling ABC people will find three coaches helping to improve your game.

    SporternetJarkkoSipilaJuhaMaja.jpg Maja and Jarkko Sipilä both have Professional Coaching Degrees and lot of experience (and medals) from coaching in Finland and several other countries.

    Pictured right: L-R Sporternet coaches Jarkko Sipilä and Juha Maja.

    SporternetJuhaMajaPirittaKantola.jpg Long-time Finnish national team member Piritta Kantola (pictured left with Juha Maja) is the director of Kuortane Bowling Training Center and national team coach in Finland. She has wide experience of winning as a player and a coach.

    "We've been frequently asked questions like: 'What's wrong with my shot?' or 'How can I hook the ball'", Maja said. "We thought it's time to give the answers to everybody. These clips give you detailed information on how to practice a good bowling technique."

    Bowling-ABC is the first product of Sporternet but Maja is planning to publish an even more comprehensive coaching tool in the spring of 2009.