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    New edition of Bowling Execution available in February

     Considered a legend in bowling around the world, PBA Hall of Fame coach John Jowdy has been coaching since 1950 and has coached and mentored more than 100 professional bowlers, including Parker Bohn III, a 30-time Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) champion and Mike Aulby, a two-time PBA Player of the Year.

    Highly regarded for teaching the execution and skill of the game, Jowdy has been called the master of teaching the free armswing.

    In Bowling Execution, Second Edition (Human Kinetics 2009), John Jowdy shares his expertise on every aspect of the sport, from developing skills to refining techniques for improved consistency.

    In the new edition of Bowling Execution, Jowdy covers the latest techniques and strategies used by today's top bowlers, and he details changes to the game itself. Jowdy includes information on using the two-hand shot and reading lane conditions based on current PBA oil patterns.

    In addition, he provides the most up-to-date content available for intermediate to advanced players, with techniques for increasing power in the shot, explanations on choosing the right equipment for each style of play, and various concentration strategies used by the pros.

    With more than 100 million participants and 10 million competitors, bowling is one of the largest and best-organized sports in the world, according to the international bowling federations.

    Bowling Execution offers the skills and strategies necessary for playing like a pro and competing successfully on the lanes.

    Bowling Execution, Second Edition By John Jowdy
    Available February 2009 • Paperback • Approx 224 pp
    ISBN 978-0-7360-7538-1 • $19.95

    Chapter 1. Visualizing Success
    Chapter 2. Reading the Lanes
    Chapter 3. Gauging the Right Amount of Hook
    Chapter 4. Developing a Rhythmic Approach
    Chapter 5. Relaxing the Armswing for Fluid Movement
    Chapter 6. Releasing the Ball
    Chapter 7. Ideal Follow-Through
    Chapter 8. Establishing Your Comfort Zone
    Chapter 9. Fine-Tuning Your Game
    Chapter 10. Opening Up the Lanes
    Chapter 11. Choosing Your Equipment
    Chapter 12. Competing at the Next Level

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