International coach Frank Buffa earns USBC Gold certification


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    2007KSAIOQATCoachFrankBuffa.jpgThe United States Bowling Congress Coaching department recently elevated internationally-respected coach Frank Buffa to USBC Gold status, making him the 34th coach to earn the distinction.

    Buffa lives and works in Montreal, where he operates Buffa's Bowling Supply Inc. pro shops, the online store and the Studio Buffa Training Center.

    Fluent in several languages and familiar with many cultures, Buffa has been a fixture on the international coaching scene for years. He is the current head coach of Qatar's national team, a position he has held since 2005. Previously, Buffa has served as head coach of United Arab Emirates (2002-2005) and Italy (2000-2002).

    Buffa lists his elevation to USBC Gold status as being the highlight of his career.

    "The USBC Coaching program is the best in the world, and the International Training and Research Center will help keep it that way," Buffa said. "It's a great honor to receive USBC Gold certification. This is my greatest honor as a coach right now."

    According to Bill Hoffman, USBC Director of International Relations, it is an honor that Buffa deserves.

    "Frank Buffa's worldwide coaching success and teaching skills make him one of the great communicators in our sport," Hoffman said. "His generosity and interest in helping athletes reach their full potential is truly deserving of recognition as a USBC Gold coach."

    Buffa will be given the opportunity to put those talents to use as he continues a working relationship with USBC. In his new role, Buffa will travel internationally to work with athletes and coaches who wish to advance their training through the USBC Coaching program.

    "This will be a great new challenge for me, and I'm ready to take it on," Buffa said. "Hopefully, my work with USBC will help bring about better bowling coaches throughout the world."

    David Garber, High Performance Director of USBC Team USA, Coaching & International Training Center, expects Buffa's teaching background to help that cause.

    "Being a former college professor, Frank Buffa will be a tremendous asset to the USBC Coaching program in his approach to development of athletes," Garber said. "I look forward to working closely with him for the betterment of the sport of Bowling."