ETBF Presidium starts new certification program for Bowling Training Centers


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     As a part of its education and certification programs, the presidium of the European Tenpin Bowling Federation has developed a program to give accreditation to Bowling Training Centers who are helping to develop the sport of Tenpin Bowling and provide high standards of bowling education.

    Kuortane Bowling Training and Education Center in Finland became the first "ETBF Approved Bowling Training Center" and the certificate was presented during the European Youth Championships 2009 in Malmo to Piritta Kantola (right), long-time Finnish national team member and national coach, who is the director of the Training Center.

    The presentation was made by Onder Gurkan (center), Chairman of the ETBF Educational Committee and ETBF instructor Jack Groenenberg (left).

    Located in the Kuortane High Performance Olympic Training Center, the Kuortane Bowling Training Center does not only provides six lanes dedicated for educational use and equipped with digital analysis systems but also classrooms, exercise facilities, accommodation and high performance sports education support for bowlers since 2005.  "The ETBF gives utmost importance to high level Bowling Training Centers as they are the main resources for our development," Gurkan said. "Kuortane is very important for us at that stage. It is not only their students they educated but the researches they made, the information they share is improving all of our knowledge.

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    Locating a bowling training center in an Olympic Training facility shows how bowling taken seriously in Finland. ETBF Educational Committee is cooperating with Kuortane to improve our educational programs to a higher state which is equipped with high level of sports information.

    We are planning to use that great facility as an Official Education/Development Center for our future central coaching clinics. We are working on Coaching Development Workshops in the future to provide latest information, research and developments in bowling world."

    The evaluation process for approved bowling training centers is based on the following:

    1. The facility including the dedicated lanes for training center, the condition of the lanes, lane machines, digital analysis hardware and software, classrooms and presentation opportunities. Extra amenities within or near the center such as fitness centers, leisure time facilities, food and accommodation options will be considered as additional values for such a facility.
    2. The coaches, which should have good level of bowling sports education and experience.
    3. The facility should follow a defined educational program that has been approved by ETBF to provide consistency and high level of information.

    "The ETBF Presidium believes that supporting those facilities is of utmost importance to develop our sport to higher levels. Bowling Training Centers are accepted as rare valuable assets because they are only dedicated for bowling education," said Gurkan.