Seventeen coaches earn USBC Bronze certification at conference in Poland


    USBC Coaching

    20090529MitsimgasClinic2.jpgUSBCCoachingLogo.jpgThe list of USBC Bronze coaches grew by 17 names thanks to a conference produced by USBC Gold coach and Coaching Instructor Costas Mitsingas in Lotz, Poland, May 27-29.

    The conference, which was held over a three-day period at Grakula Bowling Center, featured both classroom and hands-on training dealing with the following topics:
    • the pedagogy of coaching
    • fine tuning the physical game
    • lane conditions and adjustments
    • the mental game
    • components of the bowling ball, dynamics of ball motion
    • videotaping, video analysis and
    • giving a lesson.

    At the end of those three days, all 17 conference participants were able to display adequate content mastery through written and practical examinations to warrant being awarded USBC Bronze certification.

    20090529MitsimgasClinic1.jpgThe 17 newly-certified coaches are: Przemyslaw Antuszewicz, Adam Blaszczak, Jakub Gapinski, Rafal Ges, Pawel Jedynak, Karol Kwiatkowski, Maciej Kwiatkowski, Pawel Marcula, Vladimir Merkovsky, Mariusz Musialik, Mariusz Rdzen, Alessandro Silletti, Dawid Szpanski, Lukasz Sniezek, Norbert Swiderski, Michal Swierz and Ros Wiktor.

    USBC Gold coach and Coaching Instructor Costas Mitsingas, pictured in the center, wearing a white shirt, stands alongside 14 of the 17 individuals he helped earn USBC Bronze status.

    "Each of the participants realized from the very beginning the responsibility of becoming a USBC coach, so they were so focused on everything, even the smallest details," Mitsingas said. "All of the participants were high-level bowlers, and some of them have coached players with international experience. Still, they were impressed by the quality of the course and the high standards of learning."

    USBC High Performance Director David Garber is happy to have Mitsingas working to uphold those standards.

    "USBC Coaching is proud to work with Costas Mitsingas," Garber said. "As a USBC Gold coach, his skills of teaching are vital in helping deliver the USBC coaching program to other countries."