Brunswick to provide equipment for International Training and Research Center


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    Whether you're competing in the world's most prestigious bowling tournament – or during league night at the local bowling center – bowlers want to know: Where is the best place to start your approach on the bowling lane? What's the most advantageous amount of foot pressure? How should you grip the ball for the most effective results?

    The search for these answers is now underway, as Brunswick Bowling is providing bowling lanes and equipment for the International Training and Research Center that will become part of the International Bowling Campus in Arlington, Texas.

    The bowling lanes and equipment will be used for research projects and coaching technology made available to coaching of Team USA, Junior Team USA, national teams from World Tenpin Bowling Association countries and coaches who want to train in the facility. The center is being developed to help bowlers precisely measure and track their movements from approach to delivery. These high-tech bowling lessons will use motion capture technology to help bowlers of all levels find the best bowling grip, foot pressure and more.

    "We are happy to have Brunswick as a part of the new International Training and Research Center," said Neil Stremmel, USBC Vice President- National Governing Body. "Brunswick continues to be a fine partner and key supporter of USBC's mission as the national governing body to ensure the integrity and protect the future of the sport."

    The new training center will be equipped with a total of 20 lanes, all with the Brunswick Vector® scoring system. Sixteen lanes will feature Brunswick Pro Lane™ and GS-X™ pinsetters. Fourteen lanes will be used for training, and six lanes for research and testing of bowling equipment. The training center also will feature 32-inch Samsung LCD scoring monitors, installed in a triple overhead configuration. Four lanes will be equipped for televised broadcasts.

    "The best bowling coaches in the world deserve the best equipment and technology," said Brent Perrier, president of Brunswick Bowling products. "Brunswick Bowling & Billiards is proud to work with the USBC to leverage state-of-the-art technology and tools to help professional and amateur bowlers discover how to continuously improve the game."